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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2021-04-14



You will not achieve anything that is major and life changing if you do not have persistence.  If you are not persistent probably stems back to not having strong desire. 


Been a while since I used a Sports Analogy.   The Masters is one of the four major Tournaments of the PGA Tour.  Till this year, no Asian Born Golfer has even won the Masters, they have come close, but no Green Jacket. 


Hideki Matsuyama of Japan made history this past Sunday.  Hideki has been on the tour for almost a decade and has won a few tournaments, but this is his first Major. This, as well is the first Major win for any Asian Born Golfer.  This is history in the making! 


Tiger Wood’s first Masters Victory approximately twenty five years ago set an example for the African American community and made golf a mainstream spectator sport in the United States.  More people than ever before tuned in when Tiger was playing and would show up at the Tournament Venues when he was there.  I remember bartending one year at a V.I.P Tent at the PGA Championship, another Major, when Tiger was the top player in the world.  Tiger did win this tournament, but still had the most spectators following him. 


Hideki’s win has broken the glass ceiling again. The popularity of golf has been respectively growing for years now.  This, however, will break the barrier for the Asian Community and the rest of the civilized world.


Matsuyama like Tiger had two big things.  They both had desire and they had Persistence.   Matsuyama had a few setbacks along the way, but finally got it done.  He kept plugging away and did not give up.


Golf like Triathlons is an individual Sport.  Your final placement in an event is based on your performance with the competition.  If you participate in them long enough you will have setbacks and times when things do not goes, as you would hope for.  In other words you will have failures.   


That is fine as long as you learn from the experience and keep driving forward.  Matsuyama did and History was made.


Things are no different in business.  Along with being called ignorant, Henry Ford was called ruthless and cold hearted.  According to Hill this was a huge Misconception of Ford’s habit following through all his plans with persistence. 


Many in the world appear to have this view of ones that succeed.  Two more examples are Nick Saban and Donald Trump.


Saban is considered the top college football coach and one of the best in History.  I have heard more than one person refer to him in a derogatory manner. He is obviously tough and firm.  I, however, would not consider him cold hearted. Most of his players actually graduate and many appear to have the utmost respect for him.


We all know how the media and the entire Leftist Pact and even some turncoats from his own party have viewed Donald Trump.  They say he is coldhearted, rude, crooked, and the infamous negative term racists!   As before folks on this call know it is all hogwash.  Many who worked with him and know him personally say he can be a gentleman with a warm heart.  This includes many from the black community. 


Another reason why folks listed above are scrutinized is due to jealousy of their success.  In other words they are sour grapes!   Well maybe if a few more had the desire and persistence to do something more there would be a few less Debbie Downers in the world!


Network Marketing is no different. The entire pace setters of the five pillar companies are pace setters because they had a strong desire, which kept them persistent in their habits.  They had their bad days and failures, but their strong desire kept them going.  Each of our companies provides the same resources, compensation plans, and support network to their distributors.   The majority will slow down and some will quit at the first bump in the road.  A, few, however, like Michael Dloughy will keep trucking!   We can do the same.


We are blessed to have Mentoring for Free. The fellowship of great mentors and likeminded individuals who are on the road to bigger and better things!


Thank you Michael And Linda Dloughy for this wonderful program. Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates and enhances my life on these calls.


Galatians Chapter six verse numbers nine.


“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”



Michael Simon