Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jacob Domagalski Poznan, Greater Poland, Poland

Posted: 2021-04-05

John Pierpont Morgan said once "My first guess is sometimes right. My second never is."

Sloth, procrastination is my enemy, who I need to wipe out of my organism. 
When I define a goal, when I make decision I expose myself to the outside world.
It is pointless to think what others might to think, it's just their opinion, based on their experience. Everyone has to right to have one.
I was raised to have to opinion to every subject, never between, only on the edges. I always talk a lot. I prefered to be wrong, than be silent.
It was good for picking up the girls, by the way. I believed that truth is hidden between wrong answers, and I still do. 
But this led me to infinite pointless discussion. The change had to come. My discovery was an audience. 
I am not going to share with my every thoughts with everyone anymore. When I speak, I don't have possibility to listen carefuly. To gain value.
This is the time when my actions need to take the reins. 
Everything what I need, I already have. Jacob - Make decision and live with it. 
Success needs time and dream team. After I make decision, the world will start to help me.

When I was on my second year of study, I lost my grandfather, who used to help me on my living expenses.
I knew, that I needed to take resposibilites on my own. Few months later, a friend of mine introduced me to the guy, who was travelling to work in Norway.
I was outside Poland twice before this time, it was when I was kid kid. It was 2000 km (1200 miles) from my home town. 
Our job was to knock on every door near the places when we camp (slept in tent or car) and asking about painting, gardening, small carpentry jobs.
In addition, I was never painter or carpenter before. After 5 days of stubborn research, We found job first, second and many more. I earned enough money to live whole year in collage. 
What is more important, I opened myself to the world, I've seen, that I can have more, than I was told I can in my life. Since then I made 4 from 5 of my travel childhood dreams. 
I've meet people from almost every continet and I looking forward to meet a lot more. My apperance in this group is definiately results of my first trip to Norway as well.

And all of this starts with one decision. I got call, that a friend of my friend was looking for team to go to Norway. I did not have car, I did not have any money, I even did not know the guy or what the job exactly was.
But as I first time discovered fiords in secodary school, I always dreamt about going to Norway. I said, lets do it. In the same day my dad gave me his car, and I managed to gather some money. I am still amazed, how fast it happened
after THE DECISION, and how many positive things happened in my life after that.

I would like to finish in the way I started, with quote of John Wanamaker (great last name btw) ~ "Confidence! Confidence! Confidence! That is your capital"


All best!