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Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2021-03-31

Ben You need to work on Your own plan for better health. You have been working at changing Your own health for a long time now. You have made substantial improvements there is still a major battle to be had and that needs to be part of Your plan Ben.

This plan for Yourself needs to include the following.

  • What you are doing to improve health.
  • What you are doing to remove the junk that has been thrown at You re changed health.
  • Who You want to be around.
  • Ways to be as healthy as want to be.

Now it is time for You Ben to become that healthy guy swimming in the pool on the gold coast of Queensland. So Ben what is the start of that plan.

  • Keeping as active as I can that means going to the gym or a swim 3 times a week, even walking regularly, giving myself a walk when stop somewhere.
  • Eating healthy foods regularly – salads, sushi, cos cos, tuna, chicken, Turkey
  • Less junk and fast food having a planned meal that I can eat, when do eat out going for the healthier choices. Eating at a place where can get a salad or healthy food rather than the unhealthy foods.
  • More foods that will fill up for longer e.g. eating more protein based foods which I have found tend to want to eat less junk, aswell as less soft drinks. That I am full for longer.
  • Excercises which the physiotherapist has taught to assist in getting better, doing them regularly.
  • Getting enough rest daily, this is a big one as can be very physical where I am working right now and can be active for at times 5 hours before I go for a swim. It’s allowing body to repair aswell.
  • Telling myself that I love You Ben. That’s a big one after many years listening to the naysayers with their comments on body not being right. It’s perfect just as it is, injuries, health challenges and all the rest. After having been through epilepsy, 4 dislocated knee caps, numerous sprained ankle, my back issues, neck and shoulder issues, asthma, hayfever and anaphylaxis to name a few. I am refusing to give up.
  • Smoothies daily for breakfast to give body it’s best start with fruits, Youghurt, fibre, protein and anti inflammatory spices,
  • Having healthy snacks around to eat at home, muslie bars, Youghurt, fruit, buying a protein bar to eat after work so i can be full again after hours of nothing to eat.
  • Regular meals to curb appetite and seeking those unhealthy foods which would tend to live in the past,
  • Recognising when I am too hungry and need to eat a good meal or snack. It’s knowing the signs which own body will give for hunger or similar e.g. feeling sick that can mean I very hungry and need a meal.
  • Having holidays where do physical activities aswell as rest time to.
  • Encouragement of my own family in being healthy, excercises and more. At times Jamie will see myself doing exercises and come join in.
  • Recognising when I have had too much of one food which can give a reaction, e.g. that if I have berries for too many days in a row I can start to react, take them out for a few days and I am good to go again.
  • Keeping track of daily activities, steps, weight

It is a big plan on it’s own and it’s what is needed for my own health and transformation which I am seeking. Until now it has not been written down.

Thank you so much my amazing friends and family from mentoring for free for all Your loving friendships. Thank you so much to the best mentors could ever ask for Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dlouhy for all You do for the Team. A huge thank you to my amazing wife for life Jenny for your constant love, support and encouragement, for being the most beautifulist, amazing wife and friend could ever ask for.

Your friend and mentor for life,

Big hugs my friends,

Ben Drake

West Ryde Nsw Australia

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