Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2021-03-29

Chapter 7,
Organized Planning, 
From The Book Think And Grow Rich!
By Napoleon Hill,

The Greatest Forces Are Intangible!

The man who can fellow a leader most efficiently,
is usually the man who develope into leadership most
rapidly. An intelligent follower has many advantages,
among them the opportunity to acquire knowledge from
his leader.  (Napoleon Hill)

Over the years I had convinced myself I am a follower,
not a leader!  I was going to and from work just like 
everybody else, I started to realize I don't think I can 
remain a follower and bring out the best in myself! 

I believe we can all look back into our past and fiend 
accomplishments that we are proud of. 
This is a list of some of my accomplishments.
I learn to read and write, I learn to ride a bicycle,
I  graduated high school, I learn to drive a car, 
I graduated Votech school,
I was able to bench press 300lb, I got my name put on 
 plaque made the 300 pound club! 
The first 4 my parents were my main mentors, they 
instilled ino my brother and sister and myself these are
things you have to learn how to do. 
The last two accomplishments I took on myself, I had
mentors that help me put a plan together.
As I got older i sliped into that patern of going to and
from work every day. 

I got this Desire to become the best Version of myself,
I believe that's how I ended up here at Mentoring For 
Free, Think And Grow Rich Lessons, our Brain is a 
transmitting and receiving station for thought. 

"Your present circumstance don't determine where
you can go. They merely determine where you start."
                             Nido Qubein 

                           Marty Roe
                     Pine Bluff, Arkansas!