Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2021-03-29

Chapter 7 - Organized Planning

This week I decided to post a lesson I wrote on March 4th, 2012
to share some of the struggles I was having, 


"Organized Planning

We have been taught to find our “why” and
we have been taught to use our imagination
on how to bring that “why” into a reality that
we can see in our minds and hearts.  Now it is
time to organize a plan to bring that “why”
into existence.

I had a plan that I was going to advertise the
e-book on AdlandPro.  I listened to the audios
and created my letter and began to contact
all the new people on the site.  I did this for
a while but nothing was happening.  I was
getting no response whatsoever.

I had to make a decision.  Do I just tell myself
this does not work and quit or do I accept the fact that
it has worked for many others and that maybe
I was not implementing the plan properly.

Upon examination and through trial and error
I realized my letter was the problem.  I read my
letter as if I had just received it from someone
and asked myself “would I download the e-book”
and I had to be honest with myself and say “no,
I would not.”

I changed the letter and tried advertising again -
Still nothing.

I had to ask myself if I was really doing everything
I was supposed to be doing.  Am I contacting all the
new people every day? Am I consistent?

After changing my letter a few times with
no success I was able to attend a Big Al
workshop and I implemented some of the things he taught
into my letter and finally I had success.

The plan on how to advertise was given to
my by the MFF System.  Advertising on AdlandPro
works.  I just had to learn how to implement
that plan to make it work for me.

A plan is still just a plan if we have not done
anything with the plan. It can be as organized in our mind
as much as possible but until we actually do
something it still remains a plan.  And if part of
the plan is faulty like my letter was, we really
need to be honest with ourselves.

I had to do what I had been taught.  I had to plan, do
review and adjust.  It does bring success."


That was where I was in 2012 and I have changed
my letter a few times since. 

Brandon Jenner wrote "Sometimes we let life guide us,
and other times we take life by the horns. But one thing
is for sure: no matter how organized we are, or how well
we plan, we can always expect the unexpected."

I can also say I learned to expect the unexpected as I
have learned to post lessons that have helped others and
that is the best reward.

Tuula Rands