Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2021-03-24

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 6

The Workshop of the Mind


All quotes are from Napoleon Hill within this lesson.


“The great leaders of business, industry, finance, and the great artists, musicians, poets, and writers became great, because they developed the faculty of creative imagination.”


This message alone gives me the priority of beginning to pay attention much more to developing my creative imagination and listening more carefully to hunches and impressions that come, sometimes briefly, into my mind.  In fact, it makes this a priority worthy of carrying a notepad and pen to write them down as I go through my day.


“Both the synthetic and creative faculties of imagination become more alert with use, just as any muscle or organ of the body develops through use”


Certainly, I have noticed if I have not been walking or exercising within the hours of my day for a few days, I can tell that strength is lost and I need to get back into the process of including some kind of workout in my day.  Just last week, I was tending to a friend, Donna, who was ailing and later discovered that she needed surgery for a hernia.  During the few days that she wrestled in hope that nothing was serious enough to require a doctor, she deteriorated into not even being able to get out of bed to walk to the bathroom.  On the 3rd day, she went to the hospital, found the problem, had surgery and is now convalescing in a center to renew her strength.


Evidently, Hill feels that I am in the same serious deterioration and am unable to manifest income, if I don’t exercise our creative imagination.  With that lacking, I have little chance of building riches.  This is most easily begun by fanning the intensity of my desire.  The more I exercise creative imagination, the sooner I will become successful.


“Your imaginative faculty may have become weak through inaction. It can be revived and made alert through USE. This faculty does not die, though it may become quiescent through lack of use.


To begin, center your attention, for the time being, on the development of the synthetic imagination, because this is the faculty which you will use more often in the process of converting desire into money.”


The synthetic imagination, or using the thoughts already at my disposal from the minds of others, has great value in the development of my own creative imagination.  Things I already know or have already been thought by others can lead me to look at each piece of knowledge and how it was used by others to spark a different way to employ these pieces, through my own creative imagination, for use in our projects.


“First read the book, Think & Grow Rich, THEN go back to this chapter.


Carry out the instructions best suited to your needs, reduce your plan to writing, if you have not already done so. The moment you complete this, you will have DEFINITELY given concrete form to the intangible DESIRE.This is the FIRST STEP!


Observe that Asa Candler and Dr. Frank Gunsaulus had one characteristic in common. Both knew the astounding truth that IDEAS CAN BE TRANSMUTED INTO CASH THROUGH THE POWER OF DEFINITE PURPOSE, PLUS DEFINITE PLANS.


Riches, when they come in huge quantities, are never the result of HARD work! Riches come, if they come at all, in response to definite demands, based upon the application of definite principles, and not by chance or luck. Generally speaking, an idea is an impulse of thought that impels action, by an appeal to the imagination”


Forcing myself to begin to follow a definite written plan, formed through my creative imaginations, is the key.  When all the thoughts that are floating around in my mind are plucked from the ether and organized on paper, I will be able to BEGIN my road to success.





Kay Young

Superior Colorado