Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2021-03-22

Chapter 6 
Think And Grow Rich Lessons!

The Greatests Forces Are Intangible! 

Through the aid his Imaginative facultys, man has 
discovered, and harnessed, more of Nature's forces 
during the past fifty years than during the entire history
of the human race, previous to that time. He has 
conquered the air so completely, that the birds are a 
poor match for him in flying. He has discovered that his 
own brain is both a broadcasting, and a receiving station
for the vibration of thought, and he is beginning now to
learn how to make practical use of the discovery. He has
increased the speed of locomotion, until he may now 
travel at a speed of more than three hundred miles an 
hour. The time will soon come when a man may breakfast
in New York, and lunch in San Francisco.  (Napoleon Hill) 

I believe Henry Ford had the Imagination that his
Automobile or horseless carriage would take the place of
the horse. He did not know how that would happen, I am
sure it was hard to sell a car in 1903, you could not drive 
into a gasoline station fill up with gas and be good to go 
for another 100 miles. Somebody came up with the 
Imagination putting in gasoline station across this country,
somebody else had the imagination to put paved 
highway in across this country. People had to use their 
Imaginations to put a plan together to pay for the highway
There are people who don't retire from their jobs, they 
use their Imagination and wonder what it would be like, 
they don't think about it very long because the How gets 
in the way, they have a fixed mindset, I use to be like that,
I would let the How get in the way. 

The only way to get passed the how is to create a 
growth mindset. create a mindset that's always looking
for answers, bring out the best in yourself in all areas of 
your life. 
Be here a year from now! Do not worry about how this 
system will work for you Mentoring For Free,  
Think And Grow Rich Lessons, You have to do the work 
and let it happen, you can not make it happen. 
Thanks to my Master Mind Friends for your help in 
Growing my Mindset. 

           Marty Roe
          Pine Bluff, Arkansas,