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Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2021-03-10

One huge question that need to ask personally is what I am saying to myself regularly. For a long time It was the thoughts of those around in own life. The thoughts of a family who knew unhealthy habits, too much soft drink, too much takeaway, too much cake, very limited salads. The suggestion was unhealthy was how life was.

I am needing to reprogram own subconscious mind t8 believe it’s healthy, that has been a huge challenge on its own. You walk in to visit family and there is chocolate cake, slices or similar ready to be eaten. You return home to learn the grandparent has decided a cake would be lovely to eat and ends up in the fridge to eat.

Each of these are a test and also showing our own and others autosuggestion or self talk running through our head. It’s taken years to develop those healthy habits where when it’s missing for some reason that want to get back to that asap. When You say your healthy and ready to get back out there as soon as You can it suggests we have changed our health habits. However when we constantly say in an too tired to do my exercises, to go to the gym or similar that shows our own auto suggestion

Our business needs to be the same how we work it. We turn up, do a daily post, share what we have regularly, keep on going we are gonna succeed. If we decide this isn’t working so I am just gonna walk away then that is what will happen. Our auto suggestion is in view here, we are showing what we believe as a person.

You can buy the best products that You can find or you can buy a less version which will give you less of the results you could get from buying a better quality product. You are saying to Yourself You believe that You are worth the best nutrition or it’s opposite.

Thank you so much to my amazing friends and family from mentoring for free for Your loving, support and encouragement and being the most amazing friends could ask for. Thank you especially to Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your continued love over the time with mentoring for free. Thank you to my amazing wife for life Jenny for your own love, support and encouragement.

Your friend and mentor for life,

Big hugs our amazing friends for life

Ben Drake

West Ryde Nsw Australia

Helping families of Australia and New Zealand to live better lives

Ps the signature as Michael Dlouhy has said is even a auto suggestion or self talk on it’s own.