Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2021-03-09

  • Who you are today is a result of your thoughts in the past

  • Who you become in the future will reflect what you think about today


These are two great points that Craig Groeschel makes in his new book, Winning The War In Your Mind


I look at it as most of the thoughts that I have had in the past were lies. Thoughts like how I might  drown if I go swimming within 30 minutes after I eat! Most of the thoughts from the past were passed on to us by well-meaning people but it's still lies. So I have to first be aware of those lies and replace them with the truth for the future. And the truths are what I want them to be, not someone else. 


So I have to repeat those truths to myself over and over and over until my subconscious mind believes them and begins to act on that belief.


Sometimes I wonder if more lies and mis truths about money have been told that any other. And I ponder why is that? It’s a pretty valid question. Are people jealous that some have a lot more than them now and just try to justify remaining the way that we are by believing those mis truths?


I think the good thing about autosuggestion is that we can crush all the lies that we have bought into throughout our lives and completely redesign our future with what we tell ourselves repeatedly, thousands of times daily. Sometimes a little monotonous and repetitive it seems, but obviously well worth it.


Thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for teaching us the value of what self talk did for them in building their business. Thanks for all my friends and mastermind partners for our get together weekly.


Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al