Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2021-02-10

The people who lost the 2016 American elections were 
sore losers. They spent the next four years denying the 
outcome and did everything they could think of to 
disrupt the work of the winners.

In 2020 the same people won the White House and both 
houses of Congress... and now they’re sore winners. 
Winning wasn’t enough for them - they want to attack 
and crush the defeated and punish their supporters and 
anyone who voted for them.

They call for “unity”, but,  in their lexicon, unity 
means silencing any voices who disagree with their 
ideas. Their allies in Big Tech openly censor opposing 
viewpoints, and outright dismantle competitors who 
provide free speech platforms - in total violation of 
anti-trust laws. (Big Tech is not worried about the law 
- their allies are in charge of justice now, but they 
are concerned about the marketplace and they are 
showing signs of backing down.)

So, what is wrong with these people?

It’s simple: They are afraid.

They behave like guilty people and, like most guilty 
people, they project their guilt onto others.

They are smart people. They know they violated the 
Constitution of the USA in order to win. Now, witness 
the projection... anyone who questions the mechanics of 
the election is a “threat to democracy”; a racist, 
white supremacist; a domestic terrorist; or an 

I mean, you can’t make this stuff up! No one would 
believe you. It’s all pure projection!

Now, think about this: 75million people (75 MILLION 
people) is not a terror organization or an insurgency. 

75 million people is a freaking NATION!


Congress has barricaded itself within the Capitol, 
surrounded by razor wire and armed troops - protecting 
them from whom? The very people they represent, whom 
they perceive as enemies.

Observe the behavior of the White House - issuing a 
flurry of executive orders at a record-breaking pace. 
Why the big rush?

You see, they’re like bunch of kids raiding the jar - 
attempting to snag as many cookies as they can before 
they are discovered by the adults.

The executive branch simply does not have the kind of 
dictatorial power these people think it does. The 
legislative and judicial branches can easily stop most 
of what it is attempting.

So, I’ve concluded these people are not only afraid... 
they’re also not mentally right. They all live in their 
little elite bubbles, and have denied the reality of 
the world outside the bubbles.

It’s like how Tom Schreiter describes the relative 
power of the conscious mind vs. the subconscious: the 
pea and the cruise ship.

The tiny elite class peas, floating on the soup of the 
dependent class, are pinging the hull of the cruise 
ship - the mighty industry of the working (producing) 

The peas make a lot of noise, but they’re just peas
They make so much noise because they’re in the coastal 
media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, 
Broadway, universities, the Pentagon, the Washington 
Swamp, and the swamps in most major cities.

Memo to the Cruise Ship: The peas don’t grow or raise 
food, they don’t mine or manufacture, and they don’t 
transport... YOU DO! 

Don’t engage the peas, don’t get sucked into their 
drama - that’s the way of the Devil’s Workshop. 

Fortify the hull. Let the peas drown in their soup. If 
you refuse to be their victims, they will turn their 
fear upon each other. Then you can sit back in your 
deck chairs and watch the show.

Wait! Before you go... One more word picture:


These people are like cockroaches. They are comfortable 
spreading their dominion of lies in darkness; but when 
the hard light of truth shines upon them, they scurry 
and seek concealment.

Now, we may never cause the extinction of cockroaches. 
They are resilient and their eggs are hearty and 
plentiful. But we can keep a bright light burning in 
the basement and keep a big can of Raid ready by the 
basement door.

Your friend and servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. “We have nothing to fear but fear itself... and a 
really big-ass comet.”