Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2021-01-06

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 10                         Jan 6, 2021

Power of the Master Mind – The Driving Force



Just as gas powers most cars, electricity powers cities, exercise, and determination and practice powers athletes… the power of the MASTER MIND powers business owners.


Michael Dlouhy knew this when he developed the Mentoring for Free (MFF) System.  He used his own Creative Imagination in connection with Infinite Intelligence to build this program.


He includes calls to build our skills through sharing the Accumulated knowledge and Experience of each member.  This way we also become acquainted with the Experiments and Research from the field of training of each member. 


Calls are also created to study Think & Grow Rich together which strengthens our self-development.  As we write lessons and listen to each other and discuss them, we are introduced to pertinent thoughts & perspectives that may not have come to us without this interaction.  Personally, I have been amazed at the difference in my own thoughts about the various lessons from reading to reading as I see many different ways to incorporate the material into this new person I have become since the previous reading.


One final type of call that Mr. Dlouhy has remembered is a Coach’s Call where we can share any concerns we may have about any subject without controversy.  Amazingly, Michael is a master of keeping all MFF calls within a spirit of harmony. These calls allow us to really get to know & understand each other better and have our questions answered without any feeling that they are silly or unimportant. 


As I think of what MY personal mastermind group consists of, I realize that my main teacher is God as I speak with God often each day,  I also include my deceased parents in my personal group and question them whenever I need their advice.  Knowing them so well, I can remember what they would say as if they were with me.


Gratefully, the MFF Mastermind Group has a Hugh influence on me.  I feel honored to learn more about many of the members and feel they care about me and about each of us in the group and are willing to share their successful tips with all of us.  The general group conversations often spark ideas in my mind and encourage me to move forward in my own business.  I feel safe contributing my own ideas and am glad now to have the confidence to share them.


A special thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for the thoughtful inclusion of this Master Mind group in the Mentoring For Free System.  I have had the pleasure of questioning some members outside of our 2 hours on Wednesdays and am grateful to you as well as to Michael & Linda for the extra help.  A special thanks also to Tuula Rands who connects with me regularly and guides me out of my GREEN ruts often.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado