Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2021-01-06



Thomas Pane said, “Not in numbers but in Unity our Great Strength Lies.” Every one has gifts and talents from our Heavenly Father.  We as individuals have the ability to live noble lives and do positive things alone.  We, also have the ability to do great things that impact more than a few, but cannot do it alone.    


Napoleon Hill compares the human brain to an electric battery. The battery absorbs energy from the ether, which permeates every atom of the matter that fills the entire universe. A single battery will provide energy okay, but much more energy with be provided by a group of batteries. Each person’s brain is different and some are more efficient than others. A group of brains coordinated in the spirit of harmony will provide more thought energy than a single brain.   Again strength comes in numbers.


The Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team has more than a few star players.  They always seem to have good Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, and Linemen.  Many become All Americans, win distinguished awards, and eventually end up in the NFL.  They, as well are well coached. Nick Saban and his coaching staff usually bring out the best of their talent and usually are in the mix for the National Championship.  This year is no different. They will play for another BCS Championship this coming Monday.  I do not have the exact number of championships they have won, but it’s significant.

There are many other teams with great players and solid programs.  Many of these programs have good years and are usually ranked.  Alabama, however, has been more consistent than any team has over the past decade.  Why?  My thought is Nick Saban works well with his top notch coaching staff on recruiting the players and molding into the system.  Any one of their stars could probably play somewhere else and stick out as an individual and possibly move on to the NFL.  They, however, fight and win championships because they work so well together.  Like multiple batteries and the human brain, strength comes in numbers.


This applies to business.  A sharp, gifted, and determined individual can do well and make a good living when working alone or just a few others.  The world is full of successful small businesses. They are able to provide for themselves, their families, and contribute to their communities. Great.  Then there are the few who change the world with their idea, create several jobs, contribute a lot to their communities, and achieve wealth.  The difference is they did not do it by themselves.   They had the idea, vision, desire and determination, and put together the right personnel and minds to achieve the mission.


One of Hill’s and my favorites is Henry Ford.  He began his career at a disadvantage of poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance. He overcame these obstacles within a decade and became one of the wealthiest individuals around.  Why?  Ford developed relationships with some great business minds of the time.  Edison, Firestone, Burroughs, and Luther Burbank.  Much was accomplished between these multiple brains, which is the POWER OF THE MASTERMIND.   Ford not only became wealthy, he revolutionized the automobile industry with the assembly line.  Now every Middle Class Family and above was able to have at least one automobile verses a few wealthy individuals. 


The same idea is no different in Direct Sales.  A hotshot sales person could come into a company and make some significant money quickly through recruiting and sales of product.  This, however, will not grow past a certain point, and most likely will retreat in a short time. Why?  This individual is not plugged into the system and does not understand the concept of duplication.  Almost anybody can do this and be successful. They, however, have to learn how to work with folks who have different personalities.  


Through this process they will discover some leaders, who are coachable. These leaders will find their leaders and the teaching, duplication process moves on from there.  We as leaders need mentors who we look up to and learn from.  Having at least one person in the up line of our five pillar companies is recommended.  Plus have leaders of other five pillar companies whom we can learn from.  This weekend I attended the participated in Ark Jonak’s Mastermind Event. Besides some leaders from my company I saw some great speakers from other five pillar companies.  Like a caravan, we are all on the same route, but in different vehicles! 


I, as well have the pleasure of Mentoring for Free, where I see myself growing into a successful direct sales professional but a better human being.  Thank you Michael and Linda Dloughy for this program.  Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls.


We all have the ability to be great, but cannot do it alone!


By the way Rick probably knows how many National Championships Alabama has?  Ask him!


Ecclesiastes four verse numbers nine.


“Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.”