Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-11-25



There are positive and negative thoughts, which impact a life in a good or bad sense.  No though, however, according to Hill can enter the subconscious mind without the aid of the principles of autosuggestion, with the exception of thoughts being picked up from the ether.  In other words all sense impressions perceived through the five senses are stopped by the conscious thinking mind.  These can be passed or rejected at will by the subconscious mind.


We were built to have control over the material, which reaches our subconscious mind through our senses, but most do not exercise this control. This is why so many are in poverty or just scraping by. 


Autosuggestion is the control function, which an individual feeds their subconscious mind with creative nature, or they will neglect their subconscious mind with a destructive nature.  The few that feed their mind with creative nature will be on the road to prosperity.  The rest who don’t will stay in the neighborhood of quiet desperation.


It is fair to say that this calendar year has been a rocky road. CoVid nineteen and political elections have effected businesses in many industries. Some industries have grown such as Information Technology and E Commerce.  Some industries, however, have taken a beating all the way around.  The Hospitality and Food Service Industry has been hit severely.  Some businesses are barely scraping or gone forever.  This has affected the business owners and cost many people their jobs.  This is bad, but the situation has become much worse thanks selfish actions of the partisan politicians and negative media.  They have taken a serious matter and turned it into a full-blown tragedy.   


When I say serious, I mean that it is wise to take precautions and have healthy habits such as eating right, exercising, and washing your hands.  Need to extra cautious if you have immune deficiencies or other pre existing conditions.  Wear a mask if it makes you feel more secure and avoid overly crowded events.  Fine.


It, however, is not okay to completely shut down businesses for extended period of times. Restaurants, bars, and other hospitality establishments have shut down and many will never reopen.  Not every community in every state has taken this route.  Most of the communities with issues are large urban areas in states run by dictating leaders who seem to be more concerned about their political careers and power than the livelihood of their constituents.   One example is New Your City. Restaurants, Bars, and the entire Broadway Industry has come to a complete halt.  This affects the business owners, entertainers, stagehands, servers, bartenders, bus boys, and the list goes on! 


The leadership here not only is killing their constituents livelihood, they are blaming the President and Politicians from the other side of the aisle for the situation.  In other words they are taking no responsibility for the crisis but will take all the credit when a solution comes.  Pathetic!

The media has taken this situation and amplified the problem. Why would they do this?   Just listen to the Don Henley’s song, ‘Dirty Laundry ‘for the answer.  They do it because tragedy like sex sells and they are raking it in.  If this were not the case they would not be doing it.  My take anyway.


Now to the point.  This calendar year has been a tough road and almost everyone has had to deal with some adversity. Some have had to deal with a lot.   There will be an end to this and a few will come out of this situation stronger than ever.  How?


They focused on the positives and made adjustments during this time.  They did not let the Negative News and Debbie Downers rule their lives.  Many changed the way they conducted business by doing more virtual meetings in a week than they might of in six months prior to CoVid.


They continued to set goals, exercise, and feed their minds with positive material.  Their businesses have grown not shrunk during this time. 


Network Marketing is one industry that is growing astronomically during this time.   Virtual Technology and the uncertainty of the future of the economy have only helped. 


A small percentage will capitalize from the situation.  How?  They control their Autosuggestion by focusing on the opportunity and positives of the situation.  The majority, however, will focus on the Media, blame someone, and hope things get better.  


It is our choice and we have control.


Mentoring for Free is a great place to be to get support through this time and beyond. 


Thank You Michael And Linda Dloughy for this wonderful program.  Thank you Rick Burnett for connecting with me.

Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls.


Philippians chapter four verse numbers eight.


“And Now, Dear Brothers and sisters, one final thing.  Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.  Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”


Michael Simon