Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2020-11-23

Chapter 4


From The Book,

Think And Grow Rich!

The Greatest Forces Are Intangible! 


Auto-Suggestion is term which applies to all suggestion

and all self-administered stimuli which reach one's mind

through the five sense.  Stated in another way, 

auto-suggestion is self-suggestion. It is the agency of 

communication between that part of the mind where 

conscious thought takes place, and that which serves as  

the seat of action for the subconscious mind.

(Napoleon Hill)


When I first joined Mentoring For Free, I was told about 
Self-talk, you have to do a lot of Self-talk, a lot of repations
over and over again, I have to give my self a positive pep
talk every day, I Am not going back and be part of the 
heard, I Am Not quiting, I am Staying with it, I do not want
to be like that anymore.
The Good Lord put me here for a reason, I am on a journey 
to figure that out, I am Not Quitting! 
When I first Joined Mentoring For Free, my Subconsicous
Mind, was buried  under a lot of herd mentality, believe
what people are telling you, the news paper and TV.
It takes alot of repetitions, repetitions, repetitions of positive
self talk to reach your subconscious mind. When it feels like
you are not getting anywhere Quitting is not the answer. 
You will know when you reach your Subconscious Mind, 
when the word Quit it's no where in site, your 
Subconscious Mind will always be looking for answers, 
truthful  accurate information, answers. 
What kept people like the Wright Brothers from quiting? 
People were still riding horses when they came up with
this great idea to build a machine heaver than air to fly
through the air. 

Thanks to my Master Mind Friends, we really do learn
How To Think, Not What To Think, repetitions, ,repetitions

                     Marty Roe
                  Pine Bluff, Arkansas!