Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-09-23

Think and Grow Rich Lessons Chapter 10                 

Power of the Mastermind


Looking through this chapter, I began to think about a time I unconsciously built my own Mastermind group.  Perhaps this has happened to you as well.


About 43 years ago, a very dear younger friend asked me to partner with her and open a skin care salon with some money she had inherited. My 5 sons were ages 2-14 and her 3 sons were 1-5.  Even with that level of responsibility, we forged ahead and, according to Hill, we had formed a mastermind group of 2.  We had the DESIRE, PERSISTENCE and worked in PERFECT HARMONY.  We started to make a PLAN.


The growth of our mastermind group was organic.

·         We chose a skin care line we wanted to carry and became good friends with the owner of the company.  Last month, she turned 80 and I still ask for her advice


·         We specialized in Microcurrent Facelifts and miraculously met the person who developed them and used his machines and were trained by his trainer, and we stayed connected with them over the years, collaborating and coming up with better services. 


·         Within a year, we realized we needed to get our licenses as it didn't pay to hire someone else, and we needed to be the technicians. This added a couple of people who owned the beauty school to our mastermind group.


·         Finally we got serious about our business and added a group of experts in banking, carrying credit cards, lawyers, and a CPA.


Without this, we could not have had the POWER to grow into our large, well known salon, with about 20 employees, specializing only in skin care and nails.


As I looked at the chapter today, I realized, we had created our own mastermind group and though my partner retired to be home with her new baby girl after a few years, I have continued to have great relationships with her and with this support group.


Most likely, some of us have experienced this, perhaps not even noticing a group slowly developing around us as our support team.  As I think of retiring now and have turned my life more toward Network Marketing, so that I can be free to work anywhere, while visiting family and traveling, I couldn't believe that's when I found Mentoring For Free.  After years of many companies and some success but not enough, I finally know how to choose a company that gives me that chance.


All of us at Mentoring For Free are very fortunate to have stumbled into this organized Mastermind Group created by Michael & Linda Dlouhy.  It was specifically designed for Network Marketing.  They have already built a system of goals and training for us.  Plus, they are careful to insure the boundaries of harmony and safe communication. 


To build Mentoring For Free, they also had their own mastermind group and developed this tremendous organization.  All we have to do is to step up and participate. Though it may seem frightening at first to speak up or write a lesson, that is how we will grow and that is what they want for us! Thanks so much Michael and Linda.  Thanks to all who take part in making Mentoring for Free function so well.


Kay Young

Superior, CO