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Richard Parsons SALISBURY, Wiltshire, UK

Posted: 2020-09-23

The Ninth Step toward Riches

The word 'power' is mentioned 33 times in the text of this chapter, the
word 'harmony', 12 times and the word 'action', 4 times...

Power comes through the development of self-confidence in one's ability 
to be knowlegeable about the chosen subject matter. In the first instance,
this is about how well we understand ourselves, our motivations and our

Whenever two or more people meet to concentrate their knowledge and
power in discussion to resolve a particular issue, this must be done in a
spirit of harmony... otherwise, the relationship will become stressful and
unproductive... this will likely upset a person's 'work-life balance'...

I have recently listened to Jeff Bezos being interviewed and he
recommends 'work-life harmony' to his new employees...

Quote from the Business Insider:
"Bezos believes that his new hires should stop attempting to achieve 
'balance' within their professional and personal lives, since that implies
a strict trade-off between the two. Instead, Bezos envisions a more
holistic relationship between work and life outside the office."

I do believe this to be a better way of thinking about personal and
business relationships... thank you Jeff for this thought!!

A plan of action is the objective of the harmonious mastermind meeting
and the plan will work best when there is unamimous agreement... as
the plan is executed, areas of improvement may become apparent and
thus the plan may need to be adjusted... plan, do, review, adjust...

It is noticeable that the Think & Grow Rich Lessons Forum is attracting
consistent levels of interest... a testament to the determination of
Michael and Linda and all the other great people who have found their
way here...

Best wishes to all from Richard Parsons in the UK