Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2020-09-21

I just read Tuula’s lesson and it’s hard to improve on it, in fact you couldn’t, all you could do is just add a little to it. I have not been here near as long as her but long enough to know what she’s saying is so true. When we first come into the mastermind all we hear is voices with names that are connected to the lessons who we have never heard before. No faces. Then you find that some are in the same MLM company as you. You see some of the names connected with the voices on social media and with them come faces. A lot of the faces connected with the MLM you will most likely meet in person at an event of possibly just traveling through their town.


All this is to say that what started as a place to try to better yourself by studying a book turned into a place where you learned to better yourself by associating with the mastermind which has really turned into a family that cares about each other which you will have seen if you have stayed long enough.


The Saturday night mastermind goes well beyond that. The call might start off with one subject that’s so powerful that we are on it for the whole call. Then on other nights it could start off with what’s going on with the country, to antique cars, to the construction of a house, to asset protection and how why a person should consider starting a pure trust…to…you name it. Just reading this as a new member you might think well what does that have to do with growing my business. But to the person who started it off by asking the question, it’s huge!


Michael describes it as a fireside chat with your coach and mentor, a safe place… and that it is. So thankful to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for starting these masterminds and thankful to my friends for a lifetime, Michael & Linda being two of the best. Love all of you and thankful for you and all you bring, not only in lessons but prayers, support and great friendship.


Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al