Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2020-09-02

People give money to other people who will do things 
for them they don’t know how to do or don’t want to do 
for themselves. The more extraordinary the knowledge, 
skills or talent required to complete a task, the more 
people are willing to pay.

People are happy to buy goods and services, and people 
are happy to provide goods and services. Perhaps that 
is what the Pursuit of Happiness means.

In a Free Market, competition holds prices in check - 
and allows industries to self-regulate their quality 
controls.  The best thing governments can do is pursue 
policies which promote healthy competition.

When a person’s efforts bring happiness to many, that 
person often earns great sums of money. There are those 
who believe such people should be guilt/shamed by their 
wealth and atone for it - and, indeed, many succumb to 
that belief.

But, look, it someone pours their heart and soul out on 
a sound stage, a concert or theater stage, in a 
recording studio, or on a ball field, and that 
performance brings happiness to many, then their wealth 
is earned and well deserved.

There are those who preach that capitalism is evil, but 
capitalism is a system - and systems are not evil. 
People can be evil, especially people who are motivated 
by negative emotions such as Greed.

Greed is the evil in capitalism. Those driven by it 
exploit capitalism, and their efforts are an aberration 
- they produce nothing valuable to anyone, nor provide 
any services which bring happiness.

These people engage in such activities as the 
manipulation and trading of currencies or stocks and 
the hostile acquisition of companies for the purpose of 
breaking them up and profiting from the sale of the 
parts. Charles Ponzi was such a person.

There are some people who are hired as executives by 
large companies, but their management decisions cause 
long-term damage to the company and its employees for 
the sake of short-term gains.

Marxists prey upon those who have been hurt by the 
greedy. They tell them that, if they revolt and 
overthrow capitalism, then the greed will end.

It’s a lie. Ending capitalism does not end greed, it 
just changes who own the means of production. In 
capitalism, the producers own the means; in socialism, 
the state owns the means; in communism, the “people” 
own the means.

But the greedy just adapt. Those who survive the 
initial purge figure out how to exploit socialism or 

The reverse is true as well. When the communist Soviet 
Union collapsed and yielded to the free-market Russian 
Federation, the ruling elites who had controlled the 
wealth adapted and became organized crime bosses.

Marxists use other lures as well - false promises of 
free healthcare, free college, and equal income 
(regardless of the work you do, and how much skill it 
requires, or if you don’t work at all, you receive the 
same pay as everyone else).

The foolish who fall for these lies don’t realize how 
these things are achieved... People don’t receive 
higher wages - those with higher incomes are scaled 
down to minimum wage, so everyone earns the same 
amount. The same with medicine and college - everyone 
receives the same inadequate treatment.

To implement this type of lifestyle and enforce it, the 
political system mush change as well - to a 
totalitarian tyranny.

Another thing most people don’t realize: Whether you 
live under a monarchy, an oligarchy, in a democracy, a 
representative republic, or a totalitarian regime, a 
class of ruling elites will always emerge. (Folks to 
whom the rules don’t seem to apply.)

Without competition, and incentives to produce better 
quality and quantity, production collapses. In the 
final days of the Soviet Union, the workers pretended 
to work and the government pretended to pay them.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA