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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-09-01



Few will win the lottery, some will inherit a fortune due to their birthright, and a small percentage will make it big financially as athletes or other mainstream entertainers.  With the exception of a few folks in the sports and entertainment industry who receive good coaching or mentorship, most will not need a plan for their big payday.


Everybody else who wishes to accumulate a great fortune will need a plan.  According to Hill, the most intelligent, gifted and talented human cannot create a fortune without plans that are practical and workable.  They, as well will not be able to do it flying solo: alone.


Hill recommends that you align yourself with as many people necessary in order to carry out your plan.  In other words you will need a mastermind plan. One must be able to work in perfect harmony with members of their team. 


One’s plans must be faultless and they need to take advantage of the experience education, natural ability, and imagination of the other minds. 


One might have their original big picture plans, but it is wise to make sure these are checked and approved by members of the Mastermind alliance.


More often than not there will be failures along the way.  This only means that your plan is not faultless and needs adjustments.   A winner with desire will look at this as temporary defeat and make proper adjustments.  Note there is a good chance that this will happen multiple times. 


Hills most notable example is Thomas Edison who had ten thousands failures before the incandescent electric light bulb became a reality. 


As I stressed before, there are not many individuals who would not mind having access to a fortune.  Most, however, will never get there and live a life of quiet desperation because they never had a sound plan.  They hoped it would happen, but had no organized game plan to get there.


Beside Edison most individuals who have amassed great fortunes have had temporary defeats.   Ray Crock went bankrupt a number of times before franchising McDonalds, Milton Hershey went bust three times before the Hershey Bar and Kisses became a reality, and Darryl Rawlings of Trupanion had some setbacks. 


Darryl Rawlings is the Chief Executive Officer of Trupanion, a well-known Pet Insurance Company in North America.  Folks on the outside today, would look at Darryl and say what a lucky man.  He is wealthy, nice home, and a yacht to sail around the Pacific Northwest.  I know this did not happen over night.  I learned a lot of this when he came to the Twin Cities for a presentation and I had the pleasure of picking him up for a lengthy car ride to the dinner cruise.


Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Darryl worked as a manufacturers representative.  He like many is a pet lover. The old saying if you want unconditional love and loyalty, get a dog.  Rawlings wanted to form a Pet Insurance Company for a number of years.  There were a number of requirements such as required Cash Reserves, which all-Insurance companies are required to have before they can open their doors.  Daryl, as well enjoys a Good Cigar. So he started a Cigar Distribution company on a Credit card.  He grew this company and sold it for a healthy profit a few years later. 


He was able to take the proceeds and form Trupanion back in 1999 in British Columbia.  It took a few years and there were many challenges.  Darryl did a presentation to a number of  of Veterinary Hospitals in Minnesota.  He talked about how he was the help desk for the first few years.  He tried many different ways to get pets enrolled with Trupanion.  He tried Mfg. Representatives, Trade Shows, home shows, etc.  Nothing seemed to work. 


Rawlings had a plan and had to revise it a number of times.  He however was organized in his vision and plans, which he modified more than once to make them flawless.


The key to success was building relationships with Veterinary Hospitals.  Teach Practice Owners why their clients need insurance.  Clients who have their pets insured will become your best clients.  For example, Fluffy the Dog is part of the family.  When Fluffy is hurt or sick, they are not going ask how much this will cost?  They will ask, what can you do for fluffy? 


Darryl had a great idea, but he has not done this flying solo.  He always has had an advisory board which was his version of a mastermind team.  One was Dan Levitan who cofounded Mavernon a Venture Capital Firm, with Howard Schultz of Starbucks.  Besides Trupanion Maveron has invested other know companies such as Potbelly Sandwich Works and Capella Education. 


Rawlings has always had a talented and bright staff that continues to move the company forward.  One prerequisite to employment at Trupanion is you must be a pet owner of a dog or cat.  Darryl was a visionary of where his company and the industry were going.  He presented this well and folks jumped on the boat with him.  I was one of them.  In other words Darryl was a leader not a follower. 


The work environment is very unique.  Almost everyone brings his or her dogs to work everyday. I remember meeting Darryl the first time.  He was in a T Shirt, Shorts; flip-flops and had his dog.  Word has it is things have not changed much in the office for Darryl.  Trupanion now is traded on the Nasdaq and Darryl is a multi millionaire.  Would never know this if you met him on the street somewhere. 


That is one thing I liked and appreciated in Darryl.  He was not flashy, phony, and told it like it is.  At times he would even appear a bit crude and abrasive.  This, however, did not bother me.  I would rather have somebody that is honest, does not waste time, and gets the job done.  That is a better leader than one that talks a good game, makes you feel good, but little results.  Maybe that’s the philosophy I got from swimming, sales managers, and military leadership.  This, however, works for me.  Rather have an honest verse a sugarcoated answer.


I was sold on the idea, and became a Territory Partner back in August of Twenty Eleven.  It was similar to Network Marketing in that you only get paid for enrollments in your territory and get a residual every month the pet has a policy. Like Network Marketing it was not easy. Took hard work and things did not happen overnight.  I, however, enjoyed building relationships with Animal Hospitals and being my own boss. 


I unfortunately had to step down about six years ago, due to health issues from my Tumor.  If possible, I probably would still be a Territory Partner today.


This is probably why I have reentered the Network Marketing Arena.  Residual income is the way folks get financially free. 


To make it big in Network Marketing, you have to have a plan.  All top earners in five pillar companies will have a few things in common.  They all wanted more, had goals, and life challenges.  Most of all they all had plans and would have occasional failures and setbacks.  They, however, like Edison and Darryl Rawlings saw these as temporary setbacks.  They revised plans and drove on.


Like Edison and Rawlings you need to develop into a leader.  This can be very challenging for most, but can be done through Personal Development.


Mentoring for Free is the perfect place for Personal Development.  Thank you Michael And Linda Dloughy for this wonderful program. Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls. 


Philippians chapter four verse number thirteen.  “ I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.”



Michael Simon