Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2020-08-30

Chapter 7,

Organized Planning!

From the book,

Think And Grow Rich!


The Greatest Forces Are Intangible!


The most intelligent man living cannot succeed in accumulating

Money- nor in any other undertaking  without plans which are

Practical and workable. Just keep this fact in mind, and remember

When your plans fail, that temporary defeat is not permanent

Failure. It may only mean that your plans have not been sound.

Build other plans. Start all over again.


You must have the advantage of the experience, education, native

Ability and imagination of other minds. This is in harmony with the

Methods followed by every person who has accumulated a great


Keep in mind this fact, You are engaged in an undertaking of Major

Importance to you!   (Napoleon Hill)


Before I found Mentoring For Free, I was some what Organized,

I would go to work every day, on certain day of the week I would

Go to the grocery store I would go to the gym, I would get the

Grass in my yard cut on the weekend, I was some what Organized,

In the physical world. I did not know it at the time, about the

Intangible forces that Napoleon Hill talks about, I was surrounded

With the 98% people or the heard, people who let somebody ells

Do all their thinking for them, the bad part of that was that it

Seemed normal.

The book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, it is a very well

Organized book, chapters 1-15, I believe he got the chapters all

In the right place, and no where in that book does Mr Hill say you are

To late.

I grew up on highway 65 south between Pine Bluff and Tamo

Arkansas. The house set on a little over 4.65 acres, there was

Pasture land around the house with cows. Behind the house was

A field made up of 13 acres. In the year 2000 the highway

Department started widening highway 65 South, they needed

Dirt, so my brother and sister and I sold them the dirt out of the field,

And they dug it out in such a way it made a nice pond.

In 2003 I sold the house, we did not sell the pond with it, we are

Now wanting to sell the pond and we found out we don’t have

A right away coming off of 65 South, so the goal is to get that


I got this friend of mine who is good at looking information up on

The internet, and he was able to get me the information I needed,

I called the court house, with the information I had received and

She was able to tell me who owns the property on the east side,

Which is where our right away needs to be.  Their was a bee keeper

That owned a small piece of property there when I was growing up,

And my thoughts were telling me the highway department most likely

Bought it up when they were buying up property to widen the

Highway, I was right the highway department has what we need.

I stop by the highway department and gave them the information

On the property and they looked it up and told me I need to write

A letter to the highway department letting them know I want to

Buy a right away into my property.

My brother hired a realtor, I am going to call him up let him know

What’s going on, I am sure he can help me with letter I am going to


When we take on projects we learn, we meet people we

Make new friends.

A Big thank you to my Master Mind Friends for helping me break

Away from the 98% people.

We are Mentoring For Free!


                Marty Roe

            Pine Bluff, Arkansas!