Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-08-26

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 6 Imagination            

The Workshop of the Mind


Yesterday, I thought it should be possible for cars to a parking place that required parallel parking and summon the car to Parallel Park on the right.  Later, I heard an ad that indicated someone else had thought of that and is either available or being created.  Wow, we just need to keep thinking.


Several months ago, my oldest son created a new chess board and game.  He called some people who suggested that this was their business…to promote new inventions.  They wanted a few thousand dollars to start.  This was not in his budget. 


Just last week, a business partner of our number four son visited and my oldest mentioned his idea.  We were a bit concerned to bother him, but His comments surprised us.  He said, “You know, game ideas sometimes really catch on" and he had a friend who had created Pictionary and said he would talk with him about it.  Amazing…this has a chance to go somewhere.


The lesson is, just keep thinking with no walls to restrict us!  I’ve seen this in that number 4 son.  His work is to promote, develop and produce events.  In March he lost a great deal of money when 2 events he was producing for large arenas had to transition to zoom.  Amazingly, he thought and thought about how to be in this industry during the current restrictions in our country.  Two weeks ago, we were blessed to go to Montana, where he had a crew filming outdoors.  He’s started a series of outdoor documentaries and has 2 major markets that want to use them, especially due to the inability for indoor filming to be done at this time.  In fact, the TV channels are searching for content. 


Even in our networking businesses, owners are having a great deal of imagining!  Through Synthetic Imagination, current programs are being restructured.  Summits and Summer Camps are online with Zoom.  Contests are being managed over the internet and people are utilizing Face Time and the Whats App to see the person they are speaking with more often.

Businesses are also using Creative Imagination, following hunches and inspiration by creating continued promotions to boost us through the summer, generally a slow time for network marketers, and to help distributors earn more than usually possible while jobs are not fully active.   


Companies also employ the creative imagination of their inner master mind groups as they focus totally on the situations at hand and toss out ideas, even ones that may seem silly, until they are able to craft programs that yield terrific results and solutions for their customers and distributors.


Yes, we can all “keep thinking” and then develop the qualities that Hill mentions about his own “break” to move our thoughts to reality!


“The favorable break came through Carnegie, but what about the DETERMINATION, DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE, and the DESIRE TO ATTAIN THE GOAL, and the PERSISTENT EFFORT OF TWENTY-FIVE YEARS? It was no ordinary DESIRE that survived disappointment, discouragement, temporary defeat, criticism, and the constant reminding of “waste of time.” It was a BURNING DESIRE! AN OBSESSION!”


Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for helping us to develop the traits in Think and Grow Rich.  Thanks to those of you who are present with us, working on yourselves and your own dreams.  You give us all encouragement.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado