Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2020-08-26


The Fifth Step towards Riches

Hill says, "We can accomplish anything we can conceive." He also says, "A person can create anything which he can think of."

We here at MFF can ASSURE your success, if you are COACHABLE."

Hill also suggests, "Man's only limitation hinges on his development of his IMAGINATION"

So how do we establish our IMAGINATION? Once more Hill recommends there are two forms of IMAGINATION

Synthetic - We reposition old ideas, principles, thoughts as well as plans.

Imaginative - This is where we obtain our new ideas, ideas from INFINITE INTELLIGENCE.

They are available in the type of "suspicions and also inspirations". We get them from the subconscious mind of others by creating a solid emotional need.

Allow me to read that last sentence once more.

We receive suspicions and inspirations, from the subconscious mind of others by establishing a solid emotional desire.

We now see why the instructions in Chapter 2 of STS exist. Have we followed ALL those directions? 

We MUST complete our "Why", even if insufficient.

Hill claims, "The tale will certainly be complete when we have GRASPED, ASSIMILATED AND ALSO BEGUN TO MAKE USE of all the concepts."

This is why Michael says, "Be right here a year from now."

I say thanks to Michael as well as Linda for their insight over a years of creating the MFF platform as well as what it could provide for us by producing training that will change all phases of our lives in an extremely favorable way. 

Yet these words are inadequate for me. The best method I understand of demonstrating my many thanks, is to place Hill's 13 concepts into action. 

Discover them by doing and by making mistakes. That is the only method I recognize of discovering anything well. 

Obviously, we need to additionally learn by our mistakes.

Thanks to all my MFF partners that post lessons each week so that we can learn and discuss diffrent ideas.

Bill Riske
Houston Tx