Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2020-08-12

I hope this is ok but in fact my biggest takeaway and a moment of huge understanding for me, actually came through Tuula's lesson. When she posed the question " did we train the guard or did the guard train us?".. that was powerful. 


So many of my problems arise from trauma that hasn't been resolved, or permitted back to the surface so to speak, and when it does bubble up, they are thoughts of what I was TAUGHT or TOLD to think on auto pilot, and not what I would LIKE or purpose to think true about myself. 


I think that before the auto suggestion can take place, and be believed enough to act on it's own for us, we have to allow up the things we have buried, to invite them to let us know what they would have us learn about our experiences, traumas, or difficulties. To essentially welcome them back in small amounts, extract knowledge and wisdom from them, find EVERY opportunity to love ourselves and how persistent we have been in all of those situations and make peace with the fact that they happened and shaped the strong people we were meant to be. I think only when we have done this, can we speak truths to ourselves authentically, that they may be taken up by auto suggestion and truly put to the use and produce the miraculous results Hill speaks of. 


As Michael always says, we must love the person we see in the mirror first, which is a much harder task than an average person you may ask on the street would ever think to consider. I think it's the process of consistently meditating on or intentional- journaling your experiences and naming gratitudes about your faith, and what you love yourself for- that allows us to truly employ auto suggestion. 


Kristen- Fairhope, Alabama