Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Walter Brady Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States

Posted: 2020-08-10

Chapter 4 Think and Grow Rich Auto Suggestion

"Remember, therefore, when reading aloud the statement of your desire (through which you are endeavorig to develop a "money consciousness"), that the mere readind of the words in NO CONSEQUENCE- UNLESS you mix emotion, or feeling with your words.

This spoke to me in many ways in my entire life I can remember vividly as an athlete stated what I truly desire. The humbling part about this is knowing that I was practicing auto-suggestion. Having a statement of desire and stating it with emotion is eye opening for me. Outside of sports I never practice this new truth. Now I know what I need to persist in to have my desires fulfilled.

Thank You Michael and Linda for serving us to live the life of our dreams.

With Care and Love,

Walter Brady