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Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2020-08-09

Chapter 4,

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From the book,

Think And Grow Rich!


The Greatest Forces Are Intangible!


Desire pushed me into Faith, my Faith has now pushed me into


I can go to the gym and work my body out, if I want bigger and

Stronger arms I will have to do a lot of repetitions with the

Weights, over and over again, it’s physical work.  I don’t know of

Any pills you can take that will give you the body you want. I don’t

Believe there are any shortcuts you can take, and get the physical

Body you want.

Napoleon Hill lets us know when it comes to programming our minds

There are no shortcuts, we have to do the work. We learn in this

Chapter how important Self-talk is, when it comes to programming

Our minds to get what we want out of life. If we repeat the same

Thing over and over in your minds, good or bad, our subconscious

Mind will start to believe it.

When I first started this Think And Grow Rich lessons program,

My mind had been thinking wrong for 60 years, I am going up

Against 60 years wrong thinking, it might be to late for me.

I am going to do the work anyway, maybe something good will

Happen, I don’t like the way I am.

Crafting a self talk was not hard, saying a positive self talk to

Myself was not hard, the hard part was saying a positive self talk

To my-self over and over again and feel like I was not getting

Anywhere. Remember, you are going up against 60 years of get

By thinking, it’s not going to happen over night.

Back in the 1970s Led Zeppelin recorded a song called, If It

Keeps On Raining The Levee’s going to break. It’s the same way with

Our Subconscious Mind, we keep on filling our Subconscious Mind

With positive affirmations day in and day out, it will start to

Believe it.   Positivity starts showing up in your life, people around

You go negative, you stay positive, and you say something positive.

You go into a bank you interact with people in a positive way,

You go places and do things you interact with people you don’t

Know in a positive way.

An you realize what we learn here really does work.


Thanks to Linda and Michael for this great Master mind we have

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          Marty Roe

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