Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2020-08-05

In life we all need confidence within ourselves and our abilities. We have to feel confident in our relationships as a person, that when we feel a lack of confidence we show it.
For many years I have needed to work on building confidence within myself. I was a mess when first came to mentoring for free. Confidence was shot feeling unsafe in certain situations and relationships.
Its taken that time to develop that complete faith with area’s of my own life. It was that faith in getting married to the next woman that dated which lead to meeting Jenny. It was that faith which helped me to get healthier, it was the faith of destructive influences which also stopped areas too.
That confidence is slowly building and in the end it’s going to be amazing. Recently I’ve recorded a number of smaller self talks to listen to during sleep. Areas which want to achieve. These include building on the faith of being the father of twin daughters. Improvement of health, going to Disney land.
The faith may also need to be worked on for a dream or idea which You may of had many Years prior. The team which dreamed of in a story that wrote is becoming true with more details about what they do, as it was never revealed how they helped the world.
A huge thank you to my amazing friends from mentoring for free especially my mentors for life Ken Klemm and Linda and Michael Dlouhy for Your continued Love, support, guidance and encouragement helping me to build confidence again. A huge thank you to my amazing wife for life Jenny for Your own support and love.
Your friend and mentor for life,
Big hugs my friends,
Ben Drake
West Ryde Nsw Australia
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