Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kristen Burnett Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2020-08-05


Faith has to come by way of nearly constant affirmations or repeated instruction through auto suggestion. Which means we're not at all "done" with ANYTHING when we read a good chapter of a book, listen to a video or podcast or watch a life changing and inspirational movie. As good as they may be and as lifted up we may feel, that one thing was probably only a infinitesimal amount of the thoughts and feelings we would need to change our lives. It would take continuous submergence in good, positive things to make a difference. Not only that, but recognizing bad thought patterns and dooming statements as well as self deprecating phrasing in our daily lives and reversing them and re-stating truths and self love. 


Since faith has to be built and it is not easy, I think that's why a large percentage of people would say they don't actually have faith if asked to truly believe in something they could not get their hands on and wouldn't be able to for an unforeseen period of time. I think of it like when we pray and ask God to take on a problem, and at least with myself, a couple of minutes after praying, I've "picked the worries back up" and taken them onto myself thinking I can still have control of it. I think we also dream things up all the time but then question our worthiness of it or don't believe in the power of the universe/ God to actually give it to us, so we accidentally negate it. 


Hill also tells us that when faith is practiced regularly, the mind is accustomed to it and doubles it.  This also explains how one worry leads to a worse worry. One thing that gives me hope is imagining a life where a little faith is doubled instead of fear. 


Another part that was magnified in this chapter was the fact that opinions and dominating thoughts of others swim around the ether, easily transferrable to someone else. So that means that the fears of all the worst things in the world are floating around and will attach " like drawing to like". There's already enough challenges in one day in ones own life without being attacked by misplaced fears from other troubled minds. 


"Faith gives ACTION to the impulse of thought". What this plainly said to me between the lines was that we can have grandiose thoughts of achieving our dreams as the day is long, but unless we have faith in ourselves and especially in the Infinite, there will be no power and no catalyst to make these things finally take off and happen. 


Kristen B.