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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-08-05



Many believe for something to be possible for them it has to be based on the current circumstances they are in.   They do not believe in something they do not see possible.  For example an individual who grows up with a below the poverty line standard of living. Lets say his name is Joe.  Joe’s parents are both abusive and alcoholics.  No parent, grandparent, or older sibling has gone to college, joined the military, or done anything else that might give them a better life.  Joe however, wants something more.  Joe wants more out of his life.  He plans to join the Army after High School, fulfill his enlistment obligation, go to College, and on onto Medical School.   He writes this in one of his final writing assignments in Senior English Class.  

  Everyone on this call would probably think this is great.  Joe has got high goals and has a plan to get there.  The English teacher on the other hand does not see it this way.

The teacher give him a C plus on the assignment and sends him down to the Guidance Counselor, who commends Joe on his plans, but expresses their concerns.  “Joe you have done just fine here, you have kept your nose clean, and get along well with your peers.  I think it’s great that you wish to become a Doctor.  I, however, want you to accept reality.  You are a fine student, but not successful and none of your family has ever pursued any post secondary education program.  Your two older siblings did not even graduate. You’re enlisting in the Army, which is great.  I would recommend you pursue that as a career and choose a career with a bit less responsibility.”

Many individuals would have taken this advice and painfully accepted it, then moved on to a life of quiet desperation.  Joe, however, said thank you, but no thank you.  He tells his teacher, you keep the C plus, and I will keep the dream.

Every once in a while you hear a story such as this.  Joe is a fictional character, but I have a real life example.  

My Neurosurgeon, Dr. Jerone Kennedy is an example.  Dr. Kennedy grew up in a tougher environment.  He did not have the opportunity to go straight to College.  He, however, always had a desire to be a surgeon.  He ended up working his way through College as a bricklayer.  From there he received a scholarship to Medical School, and became a neurosurgeon.

He is the best neurosurgeon around in our eyes.  He is one of the many human links in the Good Lord’s plan to save me life and give my family and me a second chance. Dr. Kennedy had a desire to become a surgeon, but most importantly he had faith in himself that this was possible.    By the way we named our daughter Kennedy after him.  

One can be in the worst of circumstances and everything looks grim.  A winner, however, will take on the adversity and work their way through the situation because they have faith.  They believe in themselves that they will come out on top in the end.

Barnes wanted to be in business with Edison.  He did not show much potential on the outside.  Most would say he was crazy to go to New Jersey.  He, however, went anyway.  He thought positively, had the desire, and he always had faith in the mission.  This took a few years, but he never stopped.

Network Marketing has many stories of individuals who went from barely paying the light bill to top performers in their company.  Randy Gage for one. He was involved with a number of different companies. He talks about his first company. He joined with all the excitement and enthusiasm.  He stuck with this company for a while, but things did not work out. This happened primarily because he did not have enough faith and belief in himself.  He was in a few more companies before his current endeavor.  Every five pillar company prior to CoVid nineteen had destination conferences.  He lived in Florida and his company had a function in California.  Randy told his sponsor that he could not go, because he had not made any money, and could not afford it.   They stressed that he needed to be there, and to find a way.


Randy worked as a freelance writer at the time.  So he contacted the Airlines, Hotel, and magazine of his plan to do a travel piece on a weekend in California.  The Airline ended up giving him a ticket and the Hotel Chain paid for his room.  He flew out there and ate sandwiches the whole weekend and walked two miles each way to the function.  After that things went onward and upward for Randy.  Now he is a seven-figure earner.    He is with a different five-pillar company, but this story is an inspiration.  Randy went on blind faith for a while.


Each one of us gets tested in this business.  Most fold and drop out, but there are a few that make it.  Even when things looked impossible that had the faith that this would work. 


As I say in every lesson association with positive people what we put in our mind is not just important. It’s mandatory if you want what the few have.


Mentoring for Free is the perfect place for association.  Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program. Thank you Rick Burnett for reaching out to me.  Thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly lesson calls.


Second Corinthians Chapter five verse number seven, “For we walk by faith and not by sight.”


Michael Simon