Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ellen McShane Shelburne, Vermont , USA

Posted: 2020-07-23

Thoughts are energy.  As I read this book, I wondered how Napoleon Hill understood Quantum Physics in 1929.  Recognizing the power we have over our lives by insuring we maintain positive thoughts as we raise our vibration frequencies so we attract the right people and experiences to our lives is so clearly stated in this chapter and in this book.  The fact that Desire is the key to accessing our creative imagination and subconscious means we can use auto-suggestion through affirmations to change our lives.  As a result of harnessing our Desire, our lives can be forever altered.  Through this chapter and this book, I came to understand how thinking big is the only way to live.  If only we had implemented these ideas at a societal level as Hill had hoped, our country and society would be so different.

Thanks for the opportunity to read all these great ideas.