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Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2020-07-22

Thoughts Are Things


Let's contrast Edwin C. Barnes situation with our current situation below in MFF.

Barnes had a desire to collaborate with Edison.

When a person downloads our books, they have a wish to find out more. At first, they have no
concept, how this might occur. We share Actions 1, 2 as well as 3 with those that have a strong need
to get more information.

Barnes had no cash, but his wish was so fantastic that he did not quit.. He presented himself
to Edison, looking like a vagrant. Edison saw something in Barnes face that told him
Barnes need was really solid.

It was what Barnes assumed, not his appearance, that created Edison to employ him right into his lab.
This was not the partnership Barnes wanted, yet he recognized he would eventually be in organisation
with Edison, even if it took the rest of his life. Keep In Mind THOUGHTS are THINGS.

For months Barnes operated in a worthless job. During this time his wish came to be stronger
and also more powerful, i.e his ideas came to be stronger and more powerful.

Barnes eventually proved a certain opportunity that will lead us to where we wish to be.

Back, to our scenario right here in MFF.

If we have a strong need, we will comply with all the instructions in Phase 2 of the digital book and also create
our "Why" or our wish. As an individual begins to find out these 13 steps in T&GR, their "Why", or
wish, expands stronger and stronger.

As was the case with Barnes, the approach for accomplishing that wish may transform. We should acknowledge
that opportunity when it occurs, just as Barnes did.

Hill stated that all successful guys had one thing alike, a mastermind team. Michael and Linda
have developed that right here in all our training. Every one of us has the exact same chance Hill discovered in
those he interviews.

I give thanks to Michael and Linda for developing such an effective means we can implement these very same 13 actions right here in MFF.

I additionally thank each member of our mastermind group. Without them we can not attain our needs.

Bill Riske

Houston Tx