Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2020-07-18

The main thing of this chapter is learning from Uncle Darbys mistake by seeking EXPERT ADVICE BEFORE GIVING UP! The junkman that did that when he talked to the engineer who was familiar with fault lines! Now its our turn to be experts in blogging, videos, Linkedin etc. Richard Dennis once did a call on 30 ways to be unique in MLM. And the point is prospects want to follow people and sponsored by people who know what they are doing. It even says that in Success In Ten Steps in the section of the top ten things why a prospect joined a business. Who gave the presentation therefore prospects want to know if YOU will be of any help to them!

Next Edwin Barnes knew what he wanted and went after it, regardless of anything. God puts the person on the side of what a person wants. 

Walt Disney knew what he wanted which was Walt Disney World. He went 3 times bankrupt BEFORE that!

Is your WHY is 110% or is it only a 70% or a 72%?

And is the OTHER WHY a REASON WHY PROSPECTS WILL CHOOSE YOU OVER their 650 home based business options?

Everybody knows that the specialist knows more!

Harry Browne gives four questions in his book The Secret Of Selling Anything.

Does a prospect have a problem?

Can you solve the problem? If not tell him to talk to someone with experience which means have other people got RESULTS based on his advice!

And main thing "Do they want to solve the problem with YOU?"

"So are you a wandering generality or are you a meaningful specific?" Quote from Zig Ziglars CD How to get what you want.

Lawrence Bergfeld