Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Dlouhy Brooksville, Florida, USA

Posted: 2020-07-16

Chapter 1, Thoughts Are Things.

The First Step To Owning Your Life, Is To Own Your Mind.

If you think you CAN do it, you will do what it takes to make it happen. If you believe you are worthy
of something you will do it with confidence and with no guilt.  

Most people believe “Think and Grow Rich” is a book about money. Perhaps they ponder, “Wow!

If I read this, then I’ll learn how to make piles of money magically appear on my coffee table - just
by thinking it! ”In his “Master Key to Success” series, Napoleon Hill ranked Financial Wealth way
down at number 8 of the 10 things he called “Riches”.
 So, why does this book seem
preoccupied with the attainment of money?

Napoleon Hill writes of a moneymaking SECRET which appears in every chapter of this book.
Hill says the SECRET “will jump from the page and stand boldly before you, IF YOU ARE READY
FOR IT! The SECRET cannot be had without a price, although the price is far less than its value.
It cannot be had at any price by those who are not intentionally searching for it. It cannot be given
away, it cannot be purchased for money, for the reason that it comes in two parts.

But MOST people will let well meaning Family members, Friends, News Media, or a Religious
Leader program their Mind when Listening to them.

Every person is capable of Original Thought when they STOP listening to all the Nay Sayers.

If you do NOT think you are capable and worthy, you will NOT do what it takes to succeed. You
will quit at the first sign of trouble or failure.  

We Believe In You

Michael & Linda Dlouhy