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Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-07-15

Think and Grow Rich Lessons – Chapter 15

How to outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear


Interestingly, this time as I looked at chapter 15, I went much deeper than before.  I started with the Name of the Fear, then to the Symptoms of the Fear, and finally to the specific behavioral characteristics related to each symptom of the Fear.

NOW I have a real quiz for myself.  At first, I thought I only had 2 of the 6 areas of fear to address, but looking more closely, I’ve felt some behaviors in the other four at one time or another.

We can get a piece of paper and write:

Poverty (name of the Fear)

       Indifference (1st Symptom)

           Consider each characteristic behavior individually (1-7)

  1.                1.   Lack of willingness to tolerate acceptance of

      whatever compensation life may offer without protest

  1.                2.   Mental laziness

  2.                3.  Physical laziness

  3.                 4.  Lack of Initiative,

  4.                 5.  Lack of imagination,

  5.                 6.  Lack of enthusiasm

  6.                 7.  Lack of self-control


When we work with each behavior of each symptom of each Fear, our path to freedom of fear will be cleared. It will require creating a positive self-talk about every behavior and eliminating all the negative in our lives.  Taking it one-at-a-time, addressing the most important behaviors first, we can slowly shed the fears that sabotage our lives.  Turning to the positive and calming the negative, we will become free from fear.  It is a life quest.


Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for this wonderful forum to help us all grow, and thanks to all who are here and participate in any way!


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado