Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2020-07-15

*Disclaimer: The author is neither “woke” nor 
politically correct, so, being forewarned, if anything 
he writes offends you, it’s your fault for reading it.

In addition to the Six Basic Fears, there is another 
evil by which people suffer. It constitutes a rich soil 
in which the seeds of failure grow abundantly. It is so 
subtle that its presence often is not detected. This 
affliction cannot properly be classed as a fear. IT IS 
THAN ALL OF THE SIX FEARS. For want of a better name,
~ Napoleon Hill

The Workshop has one or more convenient outlets in most 
people’s homes - the favorite tool of Push Marketers 
who tickle the Six Basic Fears to foist their wares 
upon us.

(“You will be a social outcast if you have ring around 
the collar, teeth not as white as polished new 
porcelain, or a wrinkle in your khakis”. “Your wife 
won’t love you unless you buy her diamonds from Hayes 
Jewelers.” “Your family will starve to death unless you 
buy gold from Roswell Capital.” “Fry your skull with 
our laser helmet to reverse the embarrassment of 
premature balding.”)

This year, 2020, the Workshop has hired extra staff and 
ramped up production on all shifts, around the clock, 
24/7, churning out the most blatant form of push 
marketing - political campaigns.

It’s an election year in America and everything, 
EVERYTHING, is about the elections. Every news story, 
every issue or question, every disaster (man-made or 
natural), every crisis is politicized. Every word 
(spoken or unspoken), every deed (or failure to act) is 
parsed and measured on how it may affect someone’s 

FEAR lives in darkness, shrouded in the mystery of the 
unknown. The best way to dispel it is to shine some 
light on it.

Both sides will tell you the world will end if the 
other party controls the White House and both houses of 

A little light: I’ve seen, in my lifetime, each party 
in control of all three several times. The world did 
not end, things did not drastically improve, things did 
not get markedly worse, and the national debt 

I’ve often noted that the cores of both parties are like 
two sides of the same coin. Flip the coin, and no 
matter which side faces up, we’re stuck with the same 
old coin.

Most elected politicians today believe they are facing 
no-win scenarios. For example, the criminal mobs    
running wild in many cities: Do nothing to stop them 
and you are labeled “soft on crime”; stand up to the 
mobs and you are labeled “racist”. So the cowards hide 
in paralysis.

There are, sadly, too few true leaders today - folks 
who will do what’s morally right, regardless of 
re-election considerations.

True leaders surface occasionally, and it’s refreshing 
to behold. Two unlikely allies, both extreme political 
opposites - Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton - cooperated 
to deliver the only balanced federal budgets I’ve ever 

Some politicians and large corporations embrace or, 
actively or passively, support the mobs for short-term 
electoral or profit gains. (America’s enemies are 
playing the long game.)

Warning to those who embrace the mob: Someday the mob 
may come for YOU.

Both sides will try to discourage you by quoting poll 

A little light: Internal poll questions are worded to 
guarantee the results the campaign wants. External, 
independent polls don’t tell you what are the four most 
common responses to pollsters.

The most common sounds something like this, “You have 
reached the voice-mail of...”

The second sounds something like this, “Click!”

The third sounds something like this, “Far cue!”

The fourth (indirect version of the third) sounds 
something like this, “I’m sorry, I’m on my way out the 


This crisis may be the greatest product of deviant 
hyperbole artists ever forced on a population in the 
history of the world. It feeds a whopping THREE of the 
Six Basic Fears: Ill Health, Death AND Poverty. It 
creates a belief in another no-win scenario: Fight the 
virus and you destroy the economy; fight the recession 
and people die from the virus.

A little light: The WHO and Dr. Anthony Fauci were both 
caught lying to us. I just found out today that some 
testing labs in the Orlando area failed to report the 
number of those who tested negative. So when science is 
not permitted to speak for itself, and data is 
manipulated to fit political agendas, I don’t believe a 
damn thing I hear.

The pandemic was sold and spun like a cross between a 
zombie apocalypse and the plague from Stephen King’s 
novel, “The Stand”.

A little more light: At least 7,000 Americans die every 
day from many causes. Each death is a tragedy for a 
small group of family and friends, but grief is 
something we all learn to deal with. I did some math:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 4 of 10,000 
Americans have died as a result of COVID-19.

The following is from 2017, the most recent year of 
complete data from the CDC:
20 of 10,000 Americans died from heart disease.
18 of 10,000 Americans died from cancer.
5 of 10,000 Americans died from accidents.
5 of 10,000 Americans died from chronic lung diseases.
4 of 10,000 Americans died from strokes.

So, COVID-19 is no apocalypse.

The slogan, “Flatten the Curve,” morphed into, “Slow 
the Spread.” When they say that, I hear, “Prolong the 
Fear.” Now, the whole point of a vaccine is to spread 
the virus rapidly so natural immunity develops.

A lot more light: COVID-19 is a corona virus. Yes, it’s 
a “novel” strain, but there are myriad strains of 
corona virus collectively known as the common cold. Why 
are deaths from the common cold so extremely rare? 
Because we are experts at treating it. It’s as simple 
as: get rest and drink plenty of fluids. Those who 
ignore that simple treatment run the risk of killing 

As we learn more about COVID-19, we develop more 
effective treatments. Turns out most COVID-19 deaths 
are not caused by the virus itself, but by the 
patients’ own immune systems overreacting to the virus. 
So, treatments are being perfected to calm down and 
balance the immune system so it doesn’t destroy healthy 
tissue cells.

The Schools

This is the most hideous of election-driven motives: 
the abuse of children (who should be any moral 
civilization’s number one priority).

Without any real, hard scientific basis, many schools 
are not reopening. The physical, mental, emotional, 
social and intellectual health of children is taking a 
backseat to electoral politics.

Make all children wear face masks? Then new challenges 
will be: how to keep oxygen-deprived kids awake in 
class, and dealing with cruel children in their 
designer masks who bully and shame kids who wear 
disposable paper masks.

If any teachers are genuinely concerned about their own 
health, put them in bio-hazard spacesuits and march 
them into the classrooms.

Don’t mess with the kids! It’s WRONG!

The Police

Every news outlet has full-time staff who troll the 
wire services and social media all day. They 
cherry-pick only stories which fit their desired 

Their worst victim is the most professional, most 
efficient, most diverse, most highly respected police 
organization in the world: The NYPD.

Gone is the pride citizens and their leaders had for 
them - because of what one sick, twisted cop did 
halfway across the country. Instead, they are subjected 
to daily physical and verbal abuse, demoralization, and 
a $1 billion budget cut.

As one effect of the cuts, police are being pulled out 
of the schools. What happened to Parkland and all the 
other mass shootings that had the nation in a big 
uproar a short while ago?

Of course crime will increase, but politicians will 
campaign on THAT too!

What’s Next?

It’s still a long way to November, so we’re not done 

Coming soon to a Devil’s Workshop outlet near you: 
We’ll all be dead in 9 years due to Climate Change. 

(True, if the Yellowstone Cauldron explodes then - and, 
we don’t flee south fast enough. Wait! I’m already 
south, so I ain’t worried.)

How about the Earth is about to be invaded by 

After all I’ve seen so far this year, I won’t be 
surprised by ANY crap they come up with!

“De-fund the police?” How about de-fund the schools if 
they fail to open?

“Re-think the police?” How about re-think elected 
politicians? How about a constitutional amendment 
covering every elected official, from the local dog 
catcher to the President of the United States, limiting 
them all to ONE TERM? No more. Period!

“But what if we get a good one?” Look, one person’s 
“good” is another’s “bad”. Besides, the point is 
limiting the amount of damage any one bonehead can do.

“But then, unelected career bureaucrats will run 
everything!” Well, limit their terms of service too!

So, the government would be run by a bunch of 
non-career outsiders?

And that we would be a bad thing?

Your Friend and Servant.

Ken Klemm - Florida, S of A

P.S. “Love many, trust few, learn to paddle your own 
canoe.” ~ Vanilla Beane