Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2020-07-15

Something jumped out at me as I was just reading Marty's lesson, he says he heard Les Brown say “You Have To Take Life On, You Can Die Watching Life Pass You By, Or You Can Come Out On To The Field, Why Not Come Out On The Field And Have A Good Time!

Goes right along with what Hal Elrod says in the book called Miracle Morning. In the chapter called the 95% Reality Check he talks about several causes of mediocrity, one being lack of personal development, another mediocre circle of influence, another being lack of accountability but the one that smacked me in the head like a sack of bricks was lack of urgency because that has been me and I don’t like it. About lack of urgency he says …..

“Arguably the single most significant cause of mediocrity and unfulfilled potential, which prevents 95% of our society from creating and living the life they truly want, is that most people have no sense of urgency to improve themselves so they can improve their lives. Human nature is to live with a “someday” mindset and think life will work itself out. How's that working out for everybody?" I thought the very same thing for so many years, that I had an MLM backup plan and all I had to do was wait till the timing was just right and it never was and never will be, you just have to do whatever it takes.

"This someday mindset is perpetual, and it leads to a life of procrastination, unfulfilled potential and regret. You wake up one day and wonder what the heck happened; how did your life end up like this? How did you end up like this?

One of the saddest things in life is to live with regret, knowing that you could have, be, and do so much more.

Remember this truth: now matters more than any other time in your life, because it's what you are doing today that is determining who you're becoming, and who you're becoming will always determine the quality and direction of your life.

If you don't make the commitment today to start becoming the person you need to be to create the extraordinary life you really want, what makes you think tomorrow—or the next week, or next month, or next year—are going to be any different? They won’t. And that is why you must draw your line in the sand." Hal Elrod And I believe a four letter word is the cause of most of that and it is FEAR! It could be a number of fears, the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of criticism. Many different forms of fear. And if not corrected that will be what keeps you music hidden inside you as Michael would say. 

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for never fearing to develop this platform when others said that it couldn't be done. And thanks to all my friends and mastermind partners for your brilliance every week.

Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al