Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2020-07-14

The main thing about Chapter 15 is to know what you want and have a plan to ACCOMPLISH your goal! The longer you wait enthusiasm and confidence goes down and fear goes up! Whoever is and was successful in business  & in life completed their requirements just like they did with their high school diploma and their college degrees. They took their passion and made it happen. However they did NOT get caught in the celebration like the astronauts did when they went to space. They set a new goal! In my network marketing company there are nine positions to hit to get to the top. Your chart is your roadmap to ACT ON when setting a goal to head from one rank to the next.

It has nothing to do with any degrees or anything. Here is an example of the reason why that is the case. Henry Ford created the Model T car which was the first vehicle & it lasted a long time. He did that through PLANS. People who had college degrees lived in poverty because they did NOT write their goals. They moved by guesswork. Nobody drifted to the next rank. They planned, worked their plan, reviewed it and adjusted it. Like Jeff Olsons book The Slight Edge discussed!

Now its your turn to ride that bike. Once you fall get offf get back on and go!


Lawrence Bergfeld