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Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-07-08

Think and Grow Rich – Chapter 14

The Sixth Sense


“The ‘thirteenth’ principle is known as the SIXTH SENSE, through which Infinite Intelligence may, and will communicate voluntarily, without any effort from, or demands by, the individual.”  Napoleon Hill (NH).

“The sixth sense probably is the medium of contact between the finite mind of man and Infinite Intelligence, and for this reason, it is a mixture of both the mental and the spiritual. It is believed to be the point at which the mind of man contacts the Universal Mind.” (NH)

Hill went on to create his own selective master mind group from the great men he wanted to become a composite of.  He counseled with the men the chairman of the group and sought their ideas for many years.   

It is probable to receive contact from the Universal Mind, or God, whenever the conscious mind is at rest in meditation, prayer or even sleep.  This is why many therapists suggest keeping a dream journal. 


A 46 year old woman named Trisha Coburn, had the following experiences.  Her life was going well: good marriage, healthy close family and great health. 


Everything was fine until one night.  She has a dream that became a series of 5 dreams.   In the dream, she was standing across a barbed wire fence across form 5 or 6 terribly frail people with huge dark eyes and ghostly pale skin.  They had huge dark eyes and ghostly pale skin.  They wanted to tell her something in a language she didn’t understand.  As the dream reappeared, it was always the same, but the number of people across the fence went from 5 or 6 to 12 to 20 to 100 and finally to ZERO.

After the second dream, she was concerned and called her doctor for a checkup.  She had been in recently and all they would do is a blood test, which showed her as completely fine.

After the 5th dream, she heard the words, Look Deeper.  She returned to the doctor and asked what looking deeper might mean.  He said it would be the colon.  She then asked for a colonoscopy and wanted to remain awake.  As the procedure continued and all seemed well, the doctor shouted out, “Oh, my” and they promptly put her to sleep.  He had found a black mass of aggressive, fast moving cancer.  It was removed and she was truly fine. 

If she had not acted on those dreams, the doctor told her prognosis would have been grim in as little as 2 months.

Hill has said that if we develop the characteristics in chapters 1-13, we would be able to START connecting with the universal mind,  Michael continues to tell us to listen and  Christ stated, ‘”Be still and know that I am God.” 

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for this wonderful opportunity to expand our skills and to all of you who participate in any way.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado