Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bilal Muhammad EULESS, TX, United States

Posted: 2020-07-07


The author is not a believer in, nor an advocate of “miracles,” for the reason that he has enough knowledge of Nature to understand that Nature never deviates from her established laws.
While it's true Nature normally never deviates from established Laws ordained. I believe that No One nor Nothing Created deserves to be worship., and that worship is only due to the Creator of All.  I bear witness that I believe in the One True God Allah and in all His Prophets and Messengers sent from the Creation of Adam to His Last and Final Prophet and Messenger

Muhammad may the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon them all. And

I also believe in all the Miricles that were preformed by the Prophets and Messengers of the Past. To name a few Allah splitting the RedSea for Musa or Moses, and the children of Isreal and Allah

allowing the Birth of Esa, (Jesus) to the Virgin Mary  and, then Allowing Esa the Son of Mary to heal the Leapers and, to bring the Dead back to life, and sending down a Table Spread, or the Last Supper  to the Chidren of Isreal, and the raising up of Esa Body and Soul into the Heavens before another person's face was made to look like Esa's face and then being crusified.   And last but not least the revealation of the Qur'an the  Prophet Muhammad who could neither read nor write, teaching those who believe about  Allah, the Creation of  the Heavens and the Earth and of Mankind, and about Scriptures that was revealed before to Ibrahim, or Abraham . the Psalms to Dawud or David, the Torah to Musa or Moses, and the Injil to Esa, or Jesus  the Son of Mary I like to thank Mr Nathan Grimes for inviting to Mentors for Free and for being patient with me and for his continous efforts in reaching out and helping and encouraging and sharing with me his Wisdom  and Knowledge and Life's Experiences