Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2020-07-06

Where Are the Parents?

When my children were small, they sometimes threw 
temper tantrums. As long as the tantrums were merely 
vocal, no matter how loud, I left them alone. In fact, 
sometimes I encouraged and even coached them, “C’mon, 
you can scream louder than that!”

But I never gave into their demands in order to achieve 
peace and quiet. I knew that doing so would embolden 
them to throw tantrums more frequently. Eventually they 
would run out of steam and calm down. They had vented 
their frustration and stated their points of view.

I drew the line if the tantrums became violent, causing 
injury or property destruction. Then there were 
consequences - the withdrawal of certain privileges for 
a specific period of time.

I taught them how to negotiate, “So, Dad, if I do A and 
B, then you’ll let me have C?”

Morality is something we instinctively know, written 
into our DNA by the Creator. It is the basis of Natural 
Law. The laws we codify in stone or on paper stem from 
this natural law - law which promotes survival and 

Our children want us to guide them and help them 
reinforce their own sense of morality and natural law - 
in harmony with the Creator. When we turn away from 
morality, we turn away from the Creator and lose our 
valuable Sixth Sense - or point its focus toward the 

When we ignore our responsibility as parents, others 
will gladly step in and take our places as surrogate 

We need to understand something about all today’s loud, 
rude protesters and the rioters defacing monuments, 
pulling down statues, assaulting police and others, and 
breaking and burning things:

They are children - children throwing tantrums. Talk to 
any one of them and you may typically find an Ivy 
League graduate working in internet marketing - a 
product of years of indoctrination in immorality, with 
no real knowledge of actual history.

Most elected officials, and their appointees, whom we 
entrusted to guide the childish among us and reinforce 
for them the line between morality and immorality, have 
failed horribly in their responsibilities. They have 
given into the tantrums, and thus, have encouraged 

Demands such as, “Give us what we want or we’ll burn 
the system down,” are not good starting points for 
reasonable negotiations.

One of worst examples of caving into the mob’s demands 
occurred in New York City. The mob demanded, “De-fund 
the Police”; so the city cut its police budget by $1 
Billion. Of course, the mob now demands more.

These children are not without guidance. They are 
exploited by surrogate “parents”  - highly organized 
and well-funded Neo Marxist groups whose long-term 
agenda is the destruction of freedom and liberty. 

The most influential of these groups cleverly branded 
itself with a name they employ to label anyone who 
criticizes them as “racist”. The group’s founders 
openly admitted they are “trained Marxists”. One of the 
planks in their platform is, “Abolish private schools 
and colleges” (places where morality is taught).

So, where are the parents? Most are hiding - cowering 
in fear of being criticized or canceled. Perhaps they 
are hoping for some leaders to stand up and rally them; 
or perhaps they are biding their time until a future 

Will there be a blowback? There always has been 
whenever radical children pushed the envelope too far 
toward the edge.

In 1972 the radical children of my generation had 
pushed too far. The blowback included the Hardhat 
Revolution - where working-class adults emerged and 
gave the children a virtual “spanking” - and the 
November landslide defeat of the radicals’ darling, 
George McGovern.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. Dale Carnegie codified the main pillar of natural 
law, the universal admonition known as the Golden Rule 
- “Treat others as you wish to be treated, and never 
treat others as you would not want to be treated.” 
Carnegie said, as the first two principles of winning 
friends and influencing people, “Never criticize, 
condemn or complain; but affirm what’s good.”

This is how moral societies honor and respect the 
figures of their past, and it’s good advice for how to 
treat your Invisible Counselors.