Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2020-06-24

Are you clear on what you want? If not then PUT IT INTO WRITING! Michael Dlouhy is clear on his BMW Story & when he knew what he wanted when he purchased his Orange Zo6 car! I aint stealing his thunder and he will tell you more of the story of his knee & the automatic & stick shift car on how he convinced his subconscious mind that he COULD after all have his dream car! And his right hand man Ken Klemn mentioned you must WRITE your desires down! Typing it does NOT count! Furthermore their buddy Art Jonas said that if your WHY does not make you cry then you don't have one!

There is NO such thing as logic! Only Emotion. If you can't laugh or cry you are being BORING....

On a Saturday morning call with Bob and Anna Bassett, she asked Art Jonak how Tom became funny.

Art Jonak replied "Tom took a course on how to be funny" Don't remember the rest of the story. Would have remembered that if Anna mentioned it!

Last but not least to put all that to use into practical action. The late Sarah Thompsons words from almost a decade ago are everything. The difference between a wish and a decision. A wish is something that you are being unreliable with which means that you are not keeping your promises to yourself. Then how can you keep your promises to others? You can't!

Decision is accomplishing your goals NO Matter What! That is cutting out all other options and doing what is NECESSARY to achieve your GOALS! 

Jordan Adler mentioned if you want to make a million dollars then help a ton of people earn $500 per month! It starts with you, you accomplish it first then teach it to someone else!

Five key leaders doing it especially during momentum wins BIG! Stop talking & start doing!!

Lawrence Bergfeld