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Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-06-24

Think and Grow Rich - Chapter 12

The Subconscious Mind The Connecting Link


“Through a method of procedure, unknown to man, the subconscious mind draws upon the forces of Infinite Intelligence for the power with which it voluntarily transmutes one’s desires into their physical equivalent, making use, always of the most practical media by which this end may be accomplished.”  Napoleon Hill

In analyzing Hill’s statement, we can understand that the power that changes our desires into its physical equivalent is the force of infinite intelligence, or God. If this is the case, then the FIRST thing we have to do is to let go of the burden of trying to do it ourselves.

As the desire grows stronger within us, we have to slowly let go of the total responsibility and the fear it can cause, and trust the process to that power of God or infinite intelligence, so it may be accomplished.  The longer we hold on to it, the longer it will take to materialize in our lives.

For most people, the desires include the need for money or greater financial ability.  The money, though, is not the desire, it is only needed for the desire to be fulfilled. 

For example, I was really frightened when the eye chart looked like emoji’s to me in a routine checkup almost 2 years ago.  When the optometrist said he could not help me with glasses, I was stunned. The next day I called the ophthalmologist & they said there were no appointments for a couple weeks.  I said, “Fine, I’m going on a trip and we can schedule it after that.”  They said NO, we need to see you in a couple of days and we will make that possible.  I realized how serious this sounded and was even more concerned. 

I am older and many of my plans after retiring include lots of reading and writing about memories and lessons I’ve learned that I want to leave with my family.  These tasks require the ability to see. My desire became intense to keep my vision.

At my first appointment, my doctor asked me to fill out a paper for something & I scribbled out the info.  As time passed….and my first 3 shots were completed, it was clear that the solution they were using was not working.  I learned that the doctors had to start with a weaker solution, in case it could help, because it was cheaper for insurance.  When I learned that I would need this other solution, which was $4000 per treatment and was not covered by insurance, I knew I needed the shots and could not afford that cost.

I was reminded of the paper I had signed months before and the doctor had already anticipated the need and had processed the papers I had scribbled out months earlier.  I was given a grant from an organization called Good Days that covered the cost of the expensive shots for eyes and I only had to pay a $30 copay each visit. 

Though this was not covered by my power, I believe the power of the infinite intelligence was working for me through my desires and already had prepared what I needed.

Even now as I am writing, I has become clear that I need the intense desire that I had to keep my eyesight to build my network marketing business.  Passing on the thoughts and lessons of my life to my family are as important to me as my sight.  What I need is the time and what time requires is money. The money is to live without working and that money is available through building my network marketing business.  I see others succeed in my company daily and there is every reason that I can too.  My desire has become strong and clear.

If you have not written a lesson yet, I can’t tell you what a beautiful experience it has been for me to write this one.  It has been profound for me!  The thinking and writing is truly a gift for us.  Consider giving yourselves this treat.  Your thoughts inspire me and our safe community here will applaud you, even though you get the most out of it!

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for strengthening my desire to the point that I got up at 1am to watch some training videos and write this lesson and am going to bed now at 4:45am.  A few weeks ago I committed to myself to write lessons weekly…and I will. I am extremely grateful to feel my desire so strongly.  Thanks to the Dlouhys, to all of you and to the infinite intelligence I call God.

Kay Young

Superior, Colorado