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Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2020-06-22

Are You Living in Hell?

“The Subconscious Mind receives, and files, sense 
impressions or thoughts, regardless of their nature.

“It understands best the language of emotion or 
feeling. Let us, therefore describe here the seven 
major positive emotions, and the seven major negative 
emotions, so that you may draw upon the positives, and 
avoid the negatives, when giving instructions to your 
subconscious mind.” ~ Napoleon Hill

The hardest part of the American Civil War was the 
reunification process. It took a whole lot longer and 
was, perhaps, more deadly than the war itself.

In Civil War cemeteries, the remains of Confederate 
soldiers were buried side by side along with Union 
soldiers. The thinking was, once the war ended, they 
were all Americans again.

Some U.S. military bases were named after Confederate 
officers. They were named many years after the Civil 
War by such presidents as Woodrow Wilson and Franklin 
Roosevelt - certainly not known for extreme right wing 
points of view.

The strategies of such brilliant Confederate generals 
as Robert E. Lee are taught at West Point.

What was the prime motivation for all these 
conciliatory things?

Forgiveness. (And mending the once divided nation.)

The Master taught, “...and forgive us our trespasses AS 

You may say, “I can’t forgive those who did me wrong. 
They deserve punishment.”

Deserving of punishment may be true, but most of us are 
not in the punishment business. (Except for our own 
children, and, hopefully, our punishments are 
administered with Love.)

Forgiving those who wrong us does absolutely nothing 
for them. It will not help them escape punishment or 
their own guilt.

Forgiving frees us from the burden of carrying the 
weight of negative emotions.

The trapped energies of Fear, Anger, Hatred and Revenge 
poison us - mind, body and soul. The stress hormones 
and other things produced affect the body negatively, 
and the negative state in the Subconscious Mind 
attracts harmful thoughts, ideas, impressions and 

The reality the Subconscious Mind creates could seem 
like living in a Hell of our own making. The effect can 
be deadly.

Why did the otherwise calm and cordial Mr. Brooks in 
Atlanta suddenly react so violently when he realized he 
was about to be handcuffed, leading tragically to his 

Perhaps his Subconscious reacted to the endlessly 
repeating images of what happened to Mr. Floyd in 
Minneapolis and all the publicity after the event?

Was Mr. Brooks indirectly another victim of the 
incident in Minneapolis?

It took about a century to completely heal the wounds 
of the American Civil War, at least politically; but 
apparently there is still some scarring imbedded deep 
in the Subconscious of the nation’s mind.

Opportunists exploit those scars to achieve their own 
selfish agenda.

Forgiveness makes LOVE possible. While living in Love 
and its associated emotions, our Subconscious creates a 
Paradise of our own making.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm - Florida, USA

P.S. “We must learn to live together as brothers or 
perish together as fools.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King,