Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2020-06-02

Hill tells us to  “Examine the first hundred people you meet, ask them what they want most in life, and ninety eight of them will not be able to tell you. If you press them for an answer, some will say—SECURITY, many will say—MONEY, a few will say—HAPPINESS, others will say—FAME AND POWER, and still others will say—SOCIAL RECOGNITION, EASE IN LIVING, ABILITY TO SING, DANCE, or WRITE, but none of them will be able to define these terms, or give the slightest indication of a PLAN by which they hope to attain these vaguely expressed wishes. Riches do not respond to wishes. They respond only to definite plans, backed by definite desires, through constant PERSISTENCE.” That’s an amazing number, 98% that can’t immediately tell you what they want.

He also tells us that when we have a clear picture of the object of our DESIRE that from that point on, we will not be handicapped by lack of persistence. I don’t see how we could think about having any kind of persistence if we aren’t completely sold on what we want.

He also tells us that it takes some effort on our part by preparation, learning some basic skills, reading some good books, saturating out minds with personal development. That “Fortunes gravitate to men whose minds have been prepared to “attract” them, just as surely as water gravitates to the ocean.” Harv Eker says “ tomorrow’s production begins with today’s preparation”. Sometimes it seems like nothing is happening but if you look at the example of bamboo growing roots for a couple of years before you see anything above the ground the foundation is being prepared. Then when the production starts above ground you can’t stop it. And then some will say the person was lucky without seeing all the hard work.  That personal development can be what takes some time, you can't just show up for three lessons and gone. That's why Michael tells us to be here a year from now. 

He also says that lack of persistence is one of the major causes of failure and he said the same thing about making a decision last week. Again I have another awakening as I look at the checklist and procrastination and the fear of criticism jump out at me off the page. I loved the example of Fannie Hurst and wonder how many network marketers let a couple of no’s immediately crush their dreams? Even when they are definitely more gifted and talented. I have seen a couple of blues that came into the MFF program consistently getting 5, 6, 7 ebook downloads a day and I thought man, they are going straight to the top and then 3 weeks later….GONE! What happened? Lack of persistence is my only guess.

I love the checklists that he puts in several of his chapters because once we can identify our problems and accept the blame then we can turn everything around with action and persistence.

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for have the persistence and patience in mentoring us to our own personal success, for never giving up on us. And thanks to my friends and mastermind partners for sharing your brilliance with me weekly!

Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al