Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2020-06-01

Chapter 9


From the book,

Think And Grow Rich!


When Andrew Carnegie, suggested that I devote twenty years

To the organization of a philosophy of individual achievement my

First impulse of thought was fear of what people might say.

The suggestion set up a goal for me, far out of proportion to

Any I had ever conceived.  As quick as a flash, my mind began

To create alibis and excuses, all of them traceable to the inherent

Fear of critism. Something inside of me said,  “you can’t do it-

The job is too big, and requires too much time- What will your

relatives  think of you?- how will you earn a living?- no one has

ever organized a philosophy of success, what right have you to

believe you can do it?-  who are you,  anyway, to aim so high?-

remember your humble birth- what do you know about

philosophy- people will think you are crazy- ( and they did)-

why hasn’t some other person done this before now?”

( Napoleon Hill)


When I first learned about Network Marketing it seemed

Strange to me, after the 3rd time I was shown the circles, I joined.

It made sense, to me. However I had the same Fears, nobody

Does business like this, what are my friends and family going

To think, they are going to laugh their heads off. 

One thing I learned there was no Persistence, people would

Come and go, my upline mentors walked across stage at

An event and quit a few days later, never saying why they

Quit, they were very Persistent, when it came to building

Their Network Marketing business.

Why do people quit? You are going to be persistent at something.

Which would you rather be persistent at, quitting or finding

Truthful accurate information?  Is it more fun to chase after

That push button program that’s going to make you rich, which

Will allow you to by pass self-development because it takes to

Long.  How long will it take to fiend that get rich quick program?

Or is it more fun to work towards becoming the best you, you

Can be.  I am finding  out that it’s more fun to work at becoming

The best me I can be, I had no idea being part of this Master

Mind here at Think And Grow Rich, and Mentoring For Free,

Would change my life into a more positive thinking person the

Way it has. We all have our stories to tell how we ended up

Here, none of us are here by accident.

We are Mentoring For Free! 

 Marty Roe

Pine Bluff, Arkansas!