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Posted: 2020-05-25

Chapter 8 - DECISION: The Mastery of Procrastination

The Seventh Step toward Riches


If one is slow to make decisions, it Hill proves it is clearly a detriment to gaining one’s desired goals.  Perhaps we could look at decision making in the same way Samuel Adams and John Hancock were forced to, as a decision between life and death….as if a cavalry was seconds away with swords flashing.


Even if one was able to have time to ponder and weigh each side of the decision or take a poll of the master mind community to get their opinion about your decision, doing it speedily should be a definite goal…within an hour.   Hill says “Analysis of several hundred people who had accumulated fortunes well beyond the million dollar mark, disclosed the fact that every one of them has a habit of REACHING DECISIONS PROMPTLY and of changing these decisions SLOWLY, if and when they were changed.”


When the staunchest followers of their united cause met together in a secret meeting to create a plan of action for the colonists, “Adams locked the door, placed the key in his pocket, and informed all present that it was imperative that a Congress of the Colonists be organized and that NO MAN SHOULD LEAVE THE ROOM UNTIL THE DECISION FOR SUCH A CONGRESS HAD BEEN REACHED.”  Period! 

More recently:  Everyone in the world owes a great debt of gratitude to Stanislav Petrov, when he made a very quick world saving decision in 1983.  “Few even know his name. If not for Petrov, a nuclear battle would almost certainly have erupted between the US and the Soviet Union, and it would have devastated humankind.

On September 26, 1983, Petrov was working at his job monitoring the Soviets’ early warning systems. Several sensors went off, indicating the US had launched missiles toward the Soviets, which meant it was Petrov’s job to begin returning fire. Sensing something was amiss, [a hunch], he quickly decided to delay telling his superiors, knowing the awful repercussions for the world if he did.


Faced with such a decision, weighing the potential for an apocalyptic nightmare against the profound personal repercussions if he was mistaken, Petrov hesitated. Eventually, the triggered sensors proved to be a false alarm, meaning that Petrov’s decision to disobey his duty - a deliberate disavowal - saved not just his country, but also the world.”                       (Weird History - Ranker)


As we have decisions to make, the same processes could be used.  Lock yourself in a room or lock our mind on the issue at hand.  Keep other concerns out, focus on the issue, rapidly do all the research needed in less than an hour…possibly contacting some of your mastermind group, muster up your faith and courage … AND… make your decision.


Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for helping us learn how to think, not what to think and thanks to all of you who support this program by participating in any way, including just being on the call with us.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado


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