Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2020-05-13

Think and Grow Rich - Chapter 6

The Workshop of the Mind (the Fifth Step Toward Riches)



This presents a huge challenge.  How much are we limiting ourselves by not looking at life as a time to create and spending time wildly playing with the thoughts that come to us? 

If we look to the horizon and there is a little valley below, we might visualize it with a cozy village at the base.  Having seen it mentally, we might use our creative imagination to gather what is needed to build that village 


Some of the best creators with the least credit are Moms. If they have not shopped & need a dessert for dinner, they may look around the kitchen.  There may be some old apples, flour, sugar & shortening.  They, however, see an apple pie and with their imagination…they make it.


By the way, I see going to a recipe book and making it as the use of their synthetic imagination as opposed to just putting things together in a new way with different spices and ingredients as using the creative imagination.


Sometimes we imagine something and our imagination turns it into something else.  While serving as lieutenant colonel, John Pemberton, who was a pharmacist, was wounded. He got addicted to the morphine used to ease the pain. He began experimenting with coca and coca wines for opium-free alternatives, eventually creating his own version of Vin Mariani, containing kola nut and damiana, which he called Pemberton’s French Wine Coca.

Relying on Atlanta druggist Willis Venable to test and help him perfect the recipe for the beverage- which he formulated by trial and error- it eventually included blending the base syrup with carbonated water by accident when trying to make another glass. Pemberton decided then to sell it as a fountain drink rather than a medicine.

And millions cannot thank Mr. Pemberton enough for Coca-Cola.

This morning, Tuula Rands opened my mind to the use of my creative imagination in promoting my network marketing business.  She said, look at what everyone else is doing and pick out what you like and do it your way.  By adding 3 cups of Desire and a Pound of Action, I think Hill would applaud such a recipe!

Thanks again to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for this profound master mind group and thanks to all who participate in any way.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado