Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2020-05-13



The Fifth Step toward Riches

The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man. The impulse, the DESIRE, is given shape, form, and ACTION through the aid of the imaginative faculty of the mind.Napolen Hill

There are two form of Imagination

Synthetic Imagination--only works with the material of experience,education and observation it is fed.

Creative imagination--the finite mind of man has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence. It is the faculty through which “hunc hes” and “inspirations” are received. It is by this faculty that all basic, or new ideas are handed over to man.

Keep in mind as you follow these principles, that the entire story of how one may convert DESIRE into money cannot be told in one statement. The story will be complete, only when one has MASTERED, ASSIMILATED, and BEGUN TO MAKE USE of all the principles.

All great leaders have a creative imamgination and have MASTERED, ASSIMILATED, and BEGUN TO MAKE USE of all the principles.Transformation of the intangible impulse, of DESIRE, into the tangible reality, of MONEY, calls for the use of a plan, or plans.

Since joining MFF and attending the master mind calls and reading and posting a lesson every week my creative imagination has increased considerably.

I have learned how to think and not what to think and make good solid decisions. This has helped my personal life as well as my network marking.

Thank You to Linda & Michael Dlouhy for creating MFF platform where I am able to become a beter person and a 
more imagitive marketer.

Thanks to all master mind partners for your knowledge you share weekly

Thanks also to my friend Bob Shoaf that introduced me to this great group.

Bill Riske