Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Riske Houston, Texas, USA

Posted: 2020-05-06


The Fourth Step toward Rich

From this chapter we learn there are two kinds of knowledge. One is general, the other is specialized. 
General knowledge is just that, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of but little use in the accumulation of money. 

Most people have general knowledge and some form of specialized knowledge that they learned in college. 

The college professors specialize on teaching knowledge, but they do not specialize on the organization, or the use of knowledge.

We have often heard knowledge is power,no knowledge is ONLY POTENTIAL POWER.

Unforunately the colleges do not teach students HOW TO ORGANIZEAND USE KNOWLEDGE AFTER ACQUIRE IT.

We here at MFF are very fortunate and Blessed to have this great platform to continually grow our knowledge and help with our network marketing business.

Thank to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for having the foresight and providing this platform for all master mind partners..

Thanks to all my partners that participate and post a lesson giving the value they received on a weekly basis.

God Bless Each and everyone of you, I appreciate everyone.

 Bill Riske