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Michael Grant Simon Stillwater, Minnesota, United States

Posted: 2020-05-06

Specialized Knowledge



There are two different types of knowledge: General and Specialized.   General knowledge never hurts to have, but this will not guarantee you great riches from it. Not unless you have a photographic memory like Ken Jennings the champion of champions on Jeopardy.  He is one in a million.   Most with a lot of General Knowledge will do well on game night playing trivial pursuit.   Nothing wrong with this, but you need more if you desire financial freedom on your own. 


This has become a major problem with the American Education System. My parents drilled me from the time I started school that I needed to study hard, get good grades, and stay out of trouble.  Then I could go to a decent college, study, graduate and I will be successful.  If not I will end up working some menial job through my working life.  So I did exactly what they preached.  I did well enough to get into a prestigious Liberal Arts College in the Midwest. 


I grew up in Columbia, Missouri a College Town, so it was almost impossible to go out in public and not bump into at least one professor.  A number of my friend’s parents were professors who placed high value on higher education.  Many, as well recommended Liberal Arts for under graduate studies.  My parents bought into the Kool Aid and I followed suit.  After all I wanted to be successful and was brainwashed this was the best way to get there.  


Now as said before, I had some great memories and experiences in my four years.  I was a swimmer, fraternity member, and got to spend a semester in Australia.  Most importantly I learned how to write and think critically.  So some positives came from it.   This, however, would not have been the route I would have taken if I could have looked in a silver ball and saw the cost and time it would take me to finish this venture.   The biggest drawback for me was I had no specialized knowledge.    I occasionally call Liberal Arts the Liberal Farce.  Being well rounded is fine, but there are more economical and quicker ways to do this. 


 I would have gone straight into the Military for a few years.  Finished my commitment, gone to school with the GI Benefits, and gone to ROTC.  This way my education would have been paid for and I would have had multiple options when I graduated: back to active duty or automatic slot in a reserve component.  I would have had leadership and team work skills.   


Now there is nothing wrong with higher education, professors, etc.  This, however, will not guarantee financial independence.   Unless one has a specific career in mind such as engineering, accounting, or one of the many health care specialties.  You need a higher degree for these professions.  Otherwise go to a trade school or something which has a much smaller economic and time investment.   


One of the biggest problems our country faces today is the millions of young adults who are out of College with a huge student loan debt.    This curve may finally change due to COVID nineteen.  Many of these classes can be taught online for a fraction of the cost, which it takes to go to a brick and mortar classroom.   Only time will tell.


How much self made entrepreneur success stories do you know of where the individual did not a have any specialized knowledge or unique idea?   I personally cannot think of anyone.   Henry Ford was questioned and challenged on his General Knowledge.  Ford had the desire and determination to succeed.  If he did not know something specific, he found someone who did.  The same went for Steve Jobs of Apple.  Lastly the same goes for the current POTUS Donald J. Trump.  Prior to the White House, Trump had knowledge of Real Estate.  Did he know everything?  No of course not.  When he needed some consultation he had somebody employed who did.   The scenario is similar in the White House.  He does not know everything about the ends and outs of Government and all the moving parts.  He, however, has plenty of individuals who do have knowledge. 


A minimum of ninety percent of the elite media and red tape bureaucrats who never have done anything in the private sector will unfairly slam him.  The, fact, however, is he has done a better job than the past few administrations in terms of delivering results!    My opinion and I am sticking to it. 


Succeeding in Network Marketing requires specialized knowledge.   More than knowing that features and benefits of your product line.  One must have social and communication skills.  This can be learned over time.   One, as well must be able to handle the ups and downs.  No matter how successful you were prior to your network or what level you are now, you will have bumps in the road.  Not what happens it’s how you react.  


One place to help with resilience is Mentoring For Free.  Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for Mentoring for Free, thank you Rick for reaching out to me, and thank you to everyone who participates on these weekly calls.



Romans chapter twelve verse eleven. 


Never be lacking in zealbut keep your spiritual fervorserving the Lord.. as to diligent zealousness, not slothful; in spirit fervent; serving the Lord.”


Michael Simon