Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nick Harper Tyler , TX, USA

Posted: 2020-04-29

Chapter 4 Auto-suggestion

An old friend stopped by to visit this's been about 6 months since I've saw him.
His name is Chris, he was glowing with excitement and I could tell that he had something important
on his mind.  Chris ran an idea by me that he's been working on, I told him that it's a great idea.
Chris then said I see that you have your welding hat on...what are you up to?  We walked into the garage 
and I showed Chris what I've been doing.  He lit up and said Nick you really have some talent!  
Chris said just seeing my work motivates him to do more.  I thanked him...and Chris went on to say that he came 
to a realization about a week ago.  Chris said that he's realized that all of the problems that he's
had in life were because of lack of communication.  The problems with my brothers and sister are all due
to a lack of communication.  Issues with my dad are because of a lack of communication.  Chris told 
a story about a time that his dad really hurt his feelings, Chris said that he wanted to cry, but he 
didn't because he was taught that crying is weakness!  Chris went on to say that he told his mom what 
happened, she spoke with her husband Chris's father about the situation.  Later that day Chris's dad 
came to him and said "son I didn't know that you were that soft".  Chris also said that he was 16 yrs old
the first time he hugged his dad.  He said that his dad's way of showing love was providing a roof over 
our heads and providing for us kids.

We talked about the value of hard work and how that's all we knew growing up.  Chris said that he told his dad that 
he wants to make money using his mind, not having to break his back for the rest of his life.  His dad responded 
and said I worked hard for 40 years doing manual labor and it provided for you, your brothers, and sister...
why is that not good enough for you to do?  

Chris stated that his dad worked at a box company for 40 years at the same exact location, doing the same 
thing everyday...he had opportunites to get better jobs, but he was scared to make a change and do something
different.  I told Chris you can't blame him, that's all that he knew.  Chris went on to say that he's 
not scared to do something different...he stated that the factory that we use to work at used us for our 
young years and didn't care one bit about us!  Chris went on to say it took me 37 years to figure out that 
communication has caused all of the problems in my life!!!  He then said I wish that I'd figured this out years 
ago!!!  I congratulated Chris on his discovery and stated that some people never figure it out.

We talked a little more about Chris's idea and he then stated that he'd been watching some videos on 
motivation, and people keep talking about vision boards.  I explained that seeing what it is that you want
all the time will help motivate you, but the most important thing that you can do is self talk.  
I advised him that auto suggestion will change your life...whether it be positive or negative.  Chris
said that makes a lot of sense.  I explained that our dad's only knew work harder...if you want more money
work more hours...that was their self talk and all they knew.  I told Chris that we have residual income
and we make money while we sleep...we can't blame our dad's for not teaching us, they did the 
best they could. 

Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for teaching me how to use auto suggestion to live life on my terms!
Thank you to all my friends here at MFF for all of your thoughts and ideas!  

Nick Harper